Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday Funny: Phonecall with Cinderella

The other day as we were driving to the museum, Bryn and Shay were both playing with their toy cell phones in the car. Bryn's has Cinderella on it, and Shay's has Belle. Probably because of these graphics, Bryn loves to pretend to talk to Cinderella on her phone. Here's the conversation between Bryn and me:

Me: Brynie, what are you doing?

Bryn: Talkin' to Cinderella.

Me: Oh really? How is she?

Bryn: She really busy.

Me: Oh? What's she doing?

Bryn: She dancing with the Prince.

Me: (laughing)

Bryn: Mommy, I need to go talk to her. (jabbering into phone) Oh really, Cinderella? That so sweet!

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