Monday, April 13, 2009

Excellent Eggs

We had a festive Easter at the MeyPfan house. Bryn had a party in her class at nursery school on Thursday, so that got her all excited. We went to the Bburg Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. There were literally thousands of people there. Bryn was in the ages 3-4 group, and she would run up to a big pile of candy, point excitedly and say "Look, Mommy!," then pick up one piece of candy and move on. Shay was in the 2 and under group. She picked up a few eggs for her own basket, and then she noticed a little boy who was crying because he wanted to eat his one piece of candy right away. Sweet little girl that she is, she then hunted and found four more eggs, all of which she deposited in his basket instead of her own. Both girls then spent the rest of the weekend eating huge amounts of candy.... which was only heightened by our family egg hunt on Sunday morning! Here's Shay in action....

Another fun activity was dying hard-boiled eggs. Shay watched the entire process in fascination but was not inclined to join in. Here's Bryn with her finished product. She's wearing the "Easter egg crown" that she made in her class, which she went and found and put on once she realized what we were doing. Her hands are on her face because she's "showing us a smile." :)

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