Saturday, April 04, 2009

Do I need to renew my subscription?

Following is a transcript of a voicemail that my (very funny) father left me yesterday:

"Um, yes, hello. I subscribe to your blog, and I have recently received a subscription renewal form. But I'm wondering if I should renew, since really, the content never changes. Nothing new has been added in over a week. I don't know if this means that the blog has been discontinued, or if I need to renew my subscription to view the new material, or if there is some kind of technical difficulty..... Anyway, I would appreciate som information before I choose to renew. Thank you."

Haha. Okay, but really, I know I haven't posted lately. This is (as I told my dad) because I have been too busy having a life lately to write about it. This week has been my spring break, and my big goal has been to do something fun with the girls every single day. Here's a basic transcription of our week:

Thursday - my last day of school. I also went to the hospital to meet our friends' Cathy and Eric's newest bundle of joy, Samuel Elijah. Such a cutie!

Friday - early morning (disappointing) doctor's appointment. Then a trip to the library with Kristin and the girls, followed by a lunch out. Then naps all around, and then Dad and Diane rolled into town. Lauren (our regular sitter) watched the girls that night while Ben, Kristin, Dad, and Diane and I went to a Chris Tomlin concert--very fun!

Saturday - Dad, Diane, Kristin, and her boyfriend Brian accompanied me, Ben, and the girls to the zoo, where we had a great time checking out the Waters and Plains areas. Our power went out on Saturday night, so Ben and I spent about an hour laughing hysterically as Bryn chased Shay around the house with a flashlight, having a fantastic time.

Sunday - We worked in the church nursery in the morning, then loaded up the girls and headed out for Chicago. We had dinner with my old friend Maria that night (and I marvelled at how clean one is able to keep a home where no children live), then settled in at a hotel. In a dramatic shifting of roles, Shay was the one who refused to sleep all night.

Monday - After quite the sleepless night, we headed out for the Shedd Aquarium. The girls loved the fish, turtles, and frogs, and Bryn was totally fascinated by the tanrantula (Mommy was not excited about this!), but disappointingly, the penguins and dolphins weren't available. We stopped at Fair Oaks Farms (exit 220 on 65N) on our way back to Indy and totally fell in love with the place. Best homemade cheese and ice cream I have ever tasted, and games and tour for the kids, including getting to see brand-new baby cows! We're already planning a trip to spend the whole day at the farm when the weather gets nicer.

Tuesday - Bryn spent most of Monday night pining over her friend Chris (more on this later--it's so cute it has to get its own post!), so we had him over to play on Tuesday. Chris loves being a big brother to baby Sam, but he was also happy to get some Brynie time. The kids painted and played all morning and had a fabulous time. We also had small group this night, so Bryn and Shay had quite the full day of playing with friends.

Wednesday - Yet another doctor's appointment for me, and then the girls and I went to a local storytime. The three of us then went out to lunch at Pizza Hut, which I have learned is an AMAZING deal for parents of small children. Kids 3 and under eat free on the lunch buffet, so all 3 of us were stuffed by the time we left for a very small amount of $$.

Thursday - The girls and I met up with Kathleen (and Emily) and Nancy (and Max) at the Children's Museum. The place was totally mobbed--I had to sit in traffic on the road of the museum for nearly 20 minutes before being able to pull into the lot. But the crowds were mostly 1) school age children who were off for spring break and 2) people who wanted to see the new Star Wars exhibit, so we spent the whole morning in the Playscape area (little kids only), which wasn't any more crowded than usual. Both Bryn and Shay ran around, checking everything out and having a great time, and I had my hands full chasing down both of them. :) But darn that 3-year-old memory, because as we were leaving, Bryn started crying, "I want to see Superman! I want to see the dragons! I want to ride on the horsies!" Basically, she had remembered all the other exhibits that we hadn't been to yet. This led to....

Friday - Another trip to the museum, just us this time. Sat in traffic again to get in. We went to real exhibits this time, and it was ridiculously, insanely crowded. It was really hard to keep track of both girls in the crowds, and Shay was super cranky because she had woken up that morning with a cold. So we only stayed for about an hour and a half before escaping to the (relative) quiet of our house. We spent Friday night on the couch watching "Lois and Clark" episodes, which is one of my favorite family activities. :)

Saturday - We went to the library this morning, and then we went to church tonight, followed by dinner out with my friend Jill. Shay is still cranky from her cold, but we had a nice day overall.

So as you can see, we've had plenty of fun this week. I have also met my goal of putting in at least an hour of schoolwork (usually more) every day, and as soon as I post this, I'm back to work at that to get ready to return to school on Monday. I'm really not looking forward to that, as being at home with the girls this week has totally reminded me how much I liked being a stay-at-home mom and getting to spend every day playing with them. But, SIGH, life costs money, so off to work I go.

Anyway, in an effort to get myself organized, I have compiled a bit of a schedule for future posts:
Sunday - Sunday Funnies, then Song of the Week
Monday - Magic Marker Monday, then Makes My Monday
Tuesday - Twos-Day
Wednesday - Wordless Wednesday
Thursday - Thursday Thirteen
Friday - Friday Fill-Ins
Saturday - Our Week in Review

I don't think I'll do just those posts, or necessarily do those posts every week, but it's a nice little way to keep myself organized so I always have a motivator to hop onto Blogger and say hello. :)

So yes, Dad, you should go ahead and renew your subscription.... and the rest of you should too!

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Melissa said...

Sounds like you had plenty of fun over spring break. So glad to hear Bryn liked the tarantulas... she can accompany me to Nicaragua anytime!!