Friday, March 06, 2009

A Return to Friday Fill-Ins

Mine is the bold text.

1. Folding the laundry  was my last random act of kindness. I know this doesn't sound like much, but considering how dizzy I am, this was a Herculean effort.

2. Another place would be wonderful; I'm sick of sitting in my bedroom and waiting to get well.

3. Patience is required in matters of the heart.  God has really been teaching me this lately, as I am so anxious to be moving forward in the direction that I want, but He keeps telling us to be patient.

4. Coffee, tea or me.  My mom had an apron that said this on it while I was growing up.  I think it was lime green with little turquoise dots.  I'm sure it was very cool in the 1980s.  :)

5. Time, distance, and lifestyles separate paths.  I've lately been thinking about some very dear friends that I have largely lost touch with.  Nothing went wrong; we just grew apart over the years and as our lives took different directions.  I miss them.

6. Our girls remind me that there is loving and cuddling to do.  Bryn desperately wanted to sleep with me the other night, and my gut instinct was to say no, but then I started thinking....  She's 3 now and wants nothing but to be with me.  When she's 7, she won't want to cuddle anymore.  When she's 15, she won't want anything to do with me.  When she's 19, she'll be gone.  So sure, sweetie, hop on in, I'd love to cuddle you.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to continuing to sit on the couch and wish that the dizzy would go away (but at least at night I get to do it with Ben, Bryn, and Shay), tomorrow my plans include a visit from my mom and hopefully an end to the dizziness (I can hope, right?) and Sunday, I want to be healthy enough to go to church and my school's open house !


Suellen said...

I really hope you feel better soon. Oh - and Parker hates the car seat when she is tired. ERGH!

Cathy said...

For #1, you also helped me this week by putting Chris's coat on him when I couldn't bend over to do it! That was pretty kind, especially since I know that bending isn't exactly a happy activity with the dizzies either.

Melissa said...

I'm pretty sure i remember your mom's apron. Or maybe I just remember you describing it!

Get well soon!