Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Health Update

Since I alluded to my many illnesses several times in my previous post, it's probably time to actually give an update on that.

I started the month with a round of a fertility medication.  The idea is that should I eventually get pregnant again, we want to avoid another miscarriage, and my doctor tells me that this is the way to do it.  The medicine made me feel incredibly gross, and while I did manage to power through my school days, I spent most of my evenings parked on the couch or going to bed insanely early.  This encompassed the first two weeks of February, although the first week was far worse than the second.

When I did eventually ovulate, let's just say that I had a rather unexpected reaction to the medicine, and we were instructed that we were under no circumstances to attempt to get pregnant this month.  I was devastated by this and spent two full days in bed crying before managing to pull it together.  To make it all worse, the doctor did not reach this conclusion until after I had been given a shot of hormones.  The hormones then had nowhere to go, causing me to feel really loopy for the next couple of days, and my hip got so sore from the injection that I had difficulties sitting down, sleeping, and buckling my pants for the next five days.

Less than a week after that debacle, I started feeling insanely dizzy.  I actually missed a half-day of school for this, since I could hardly stand because the room was spinning around me.  I assumed this was due to the many unused hormones running rampant through my body and continued on.

A couple of days after that, Shay developed a nasty cold and shared it with me.  She's doing much better, but it is now over a week later, and I'm still carrying my Kleenex box around with me.  I've also developed a nice juicy cough to accompany the constant blowing of my nose.

I then got to have my period, which was particularly terrible both before and during, thanks again to the many extra hormones.

Through all of this, the dizziness persisted, worse some days than others.  I largely ignored it when possible, assuming that it was a side effect of one my other issues instead of its own problem.  I figured it was because of all those extra hormones, or because my head was stuffed up with a cold, or because I was adjusting to my new dosage of syntheroid.  After the dizziness persisted for a week and a half, my fertility doctor called me the "mystery woman" because there was apparently no reason (from his perspective) that I should be feeling this way.  So I decided that a visit to my general practitioner was in order.

After looking at me for about three seconds, he declared that I have a raging sinus infection in my middle ear.  Who knew?  I always thought that ear infections were supposed to hurt, which is about the only symptom I don't have.  But apparently not.  He prescribed me many more medications but warned me that because I had let it go for so long with no treatment, he might not be able to fix it and I might have to see a specialist.  So I'm waiting anxiously to see if I improve.  He also told me that I have to stay out of school for a whole week to get better, which seemed horribly excessive to me for an ear infection that I'd already been teaching with for a week and a half.  This is my second day of staying home (thus why I have time to catch up on blogging), and I am beginning to suspect that the instructions to stay home are less because of the actual ear infection and more because of the miserable effects of the many medicines he has me on.  He's got me on very aggressive dosages, and my body is not enjoying it.

To top it all off, today starts my second round of fertility medication, so I'm bracing myself to repeat the cycle of feeling gross.

I feel like one of those old people who takes medications and vitamins by the fistful every morning.  I am currently on eight different medications, so that's a lot of pills every day, especially considering that the three for the ear infection can involve taking up to 11 pills a day.

Hopefully all of this explains my utter lack of progress on my resolutions, lack of blogging, lack of socialization, etc, for this past month.  Let's hope that March is better!


SlyGly said...

I'm sorry for all this horrible stuff that's going on. I hope that it will all pass over soon.

Melissa said...

Yikes! What a month. You are certainly dealing with a lot right now. I think at least a week off of school is certainly warranted... you've got to get healthy and so your poor bod can go onto bigger and better things!

Please please get well soon and have a healthy and happy March!!

Sending much love your way.

Cathy said...

March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb, so they say. Here's to praying for that, that this month is Better.

Ragfield said...

I feel like one of those old people who takes medications and vitamins by the fistful every morning.

You need to get one of those pill boxes with separate labeled compartments for each day of the week :) Just kidding. I hope you feel better soon.

amypfan said...

Rob- I actually have one of those and have been using it faithfully since the beginning of the thyroid drama.

Maria said...

Hang in there, Amy. You have a lot of people rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

I have one of those old lady pill boxes too, Amy... ;) I hope you're doing better soon. I agree with Melissa that at least a week off is fine right now! Your students will survive. - Ashley

Andrea said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Oh and by the way, that is so weird about having an inner ear infection with no earache! Who would have thought?