Sunday, February 08, 2009

Studying Early

Here's another comparison picture, although the "scenery" is a dead giveaway as to which is which in these. It seems that you can tell that these little girls have an English teacher for a mommy..... or at least, that they are used to watching me take notes in books!

This one is Bryn, back in February 2007, right around the time that I got pregnant with Shay. Although I was not teaching at the time, I was taking master's degree classes, so I spent a lot of time doing my homework. Bryn enjoyed sitting next to me and highlighting her own book as I worked. A funny side note: it seems that the "princess" obsession started earlier than I remembered, as evidenced by her pajamas.

This one is Shay. I took it one afternoon this week after school and was attempting to do some lesson planning for my freshmen, who are reading "Romeo and Juliet." As you can see, she is enthusiastically clutching my pen as well. (Pens seem to be her favorite object to teethe on these days.) The cutie next to her is my sister's dog, Sadie.
At any rate, with all of this early academic preparation, I assume my children will be well-prepared for kindergarten. :)

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Ragfield said...

Cute, but still easily distinguishable. When are you going to post a difficult one?