Monday, February 09, 2009

Playhouse Kids

Shortly after we moved into our current house, Ben's parents gave Bryn the best Christmas present ever: a playhouse fort, complete with slide. Since we didn't have any furniture in the front room at that point, we set the playhouse up in there, planning to move it outdoors in the spring. We found, though, that it's such a great energy-burner inside that we never have gotten around to moving it out. Now that Shay is up and moving, she's enjoying it every bit as much as her sister did.

Here's Bryn, age 1, wanting Mommy to play with her:
And here's Shay, age 1, following in her sister's footsteps:
And here's Bryn, age 3, still climbing and having fun:

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Anonymous said...

Leave the playclimber inside as long as you have room, because once you move it outside, they tend to not play with it, since it will get dirty and full of bugs like spiders.