Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Return to Craftiness

As some my faithful readers may remember, I got very crafty when Bryn was about to move into her big girl room. Using coloring book images, a projector, and many, many jars of craft paint, I created murals of Cinderella and Belle on her walls (this was way back at the beginning of the princess obsession).

Recently I have been scheming about how to decorate our downstairs playroom, and I've decided to do more murals. The new ones will be on canvas instead of directly on the walls, largely because I am so incredibly paranoid that someday we will move or the kids won't like them anymore, and I will have to paint over them, and I will be very sad and emotional about this. So, by painting on canvas, I can take them with me wherever we go, or I can just preserve them in the basement when the kids get sick of them. :)

The first mural that I'm doing for the playroom is going to be a collection of the characters from "Cars." I got all the outlines drawn onto the canvas, but then I had to take time out to make a smaller painting of just Lightning McQueen. Bryn's friend Christopher just had his third birthday and moved into a big boy room with a Cars bed. Bryn decided that Chris needed his very own "Lightning A-Keen" (as she calls him) for his room, so I did that one first. Here's how it turned out:

And here is the big mural that I'm working on for our playroom... As you can see, Lightning himself is front and center, flanked by Sally and Doc Hudson. Other vehicular celebrities include Mack, Ramone, Fillmore, the Sheriff, Flo, Mater, Luigi, and Guido.


Andrea said...

I am massively impressed! We are working on Hannah's new room as well but the only thing "crafty" I'm doing is making her curtains and a pillow for her window seat (and Marie is helping me). Paul and Joe are making her a window seat, Rob is going to paint, and my parents are refinishing an old dresser for her. So, lots of craftiness going on, just mostly not mine! ;)

Melissa said...

wow, i am totally impressed! my little nephew Caleb would love this!

AngieRenee said...

love love love it! :)