Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It seems that I need to print a retraction. My dad just emailed me, and it seems that while my stepmom Diane did read 84 books in 2008, he read 87, thus making him the "most books" winner. However, her page total was greater. Thus they have a split verdict and will continue the read-off in 2009. All I can say is, they both have me beat by a significant amount!!


Ragfield said...

but who had the highest web page count?

Anonymous said...

Just between you and me, Amy, I'm pretty sure your dad counted the books he read to Bryn and Shay on his list! Luckily I'm not THAT competitive and will let it slide:) Just a reminder that when you start seeing anonymous creepers on your blog starting tomorrow from sunny Ft. Myers, FL, it's just me and your dad . . . relaxing and reading:)