Thursday, January 01, 2009


'Tis the season for change.... Really, 2008 was not the best to the MeyPfan family. Here are some of the areas I'd like to change in the new year:

1. Get my thyroid under control.
While we can't be sure that my thyroid was 100% responsible for our multiple miscarriages, we know it was at least a contributing factor. Additionally, my levels have been so out of whack over the past few months that I want nothing but to sleep around the clock. And the migraines aren't really a treat either. At my last visit to Dr C (on 12/16), my TSH level had soared from 3.54 to 5.04... basically meaning that it was at 3 times the level it should have been. All this in spite of the many adjustments to my medication... no wonder I don't ever feel good! But yesterday we received a HUGE blessing in the form a phonecall from the endocrinology specialist I mentioned last month. She has opened up a few new appointment times, so instead having to wait until May to see her, I'm going TOMORROW. So hopefully that will get me on the road back to health.... keep your fingers crossed!

2. Lose some weight.
I am currently the heaviest that I have ever been when not pregnant. Okay, who am I kidding? I'm actually heavier right now than I was during the majority of my pregnancies with Bryn and Shay. Why? See #1 on my list. One of the many horrible things about having a messed-up thyroid is the weight gain. It seems that no matter how many healthy foods I eat or miles I walk on the treadmill, I can't lose any weight. But I will persevere. And hopefully if I can achieve #1, that will make #2 a bit easier.

3. No miscarriages in 2009.
Again, related to #1, although how much related, we really can't be sure after the fact. I miscarried in September of 2006, January of 2007, and September of 2008, but we're desperately praying for 2009 to be different.

4. Expand our family.
This doesn't mean that I have to have a baby in 2009 (although I certainly wouldn't complain if that happened!). I would love to be pregnant by the end of 2009. But if that's not in God's plan for us, then my hope is to expand our family in some other way. We have long been interested in adoption, so that is a definite possibility. Ben and I are also starting our training as foster parents next week, so maybe there's a child there waiting for us.

5. Blog.
And blog regularly. While I wish that most of you would leave comments to say hello more often (shameless plug there!), I really enjoy this as a way to keep in touch with old friends.

6. Read.
One of the primary reasons I became an English teacher was because I love to read. The irony? As a teacher, I'm so busy reading school texts, lesson planning, and grading that I rarely have time to read books for pleasure. My goal is to deliberately carve out time for this.

Happy New Year, everyone!


SlyGly said...

I'm excited to see how 2009 unfolds for you. I love resolutions--making them and reading other people's!

Andrea said...

Good luck with all your resolutions! I have never really been a resolution maker myself (maybe I'm always just still too tired from the holidays or maybe I'm just not that organized) but you have some great goals. And definitely yay on getting into the doctor so soon - that sounds like the beginning to a bunch of answered prayers for you. Let us know how it goes!

Cathy said...

Hi. Hello. Good luck with all the stuff! I love you.

rachel said...

Just wanted to say hello - I'm an old friend of Ben's and enjoy keeping up with your beautiful family on your blog!

Fox and Dawg said...

Hi! :) I hope you year is everything you want it to be!

Melissa said...

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2009. Sending love your way.