Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Painting Projects

Lately Brynie and I have been having some mother/daughter craft time while tackling some painting projects. Okay, so really I just started letting her paint to keep her amused while I'm doing it, but still, we've both had a lot of fun sharing this time.

Here's one of Bryn's recent masterpieces, done on a coloring book page:

And here's the progress that I have made on my "Cars" mural for the downstairs playroom:

Since Mommy Amy and Brynie seemed to be having so much fun, of course Shay then decided that she needed to get in on the act. This involved me grabbing several small containers of paint out of her eager hands before she managed to get them in her mouth. Her crowning achievement, however, was when she managed to stretch her skinny little self up to my desk, grab the cup that I was using to rinse out my paintbrush between colors, and spill the colored water all over the carpeted floor. If this mural (much less the others I have planned for that room!) ever gets done, it will truly be due to a group effort!


Cathy said...

Pit. Stop.

Jill said...

You did a great job in Bryn's room with the princesses - I can't imagine the cars being anything but wonderful! I however, and a chicken when it comes to painting.. I bought 3 canvases and paint MONTHS ago... and still havn't touched them... Some rainy day I'll get brave!