Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello, Friends

Well, after a week of pleading with my readers to let me know who they are, here's what I've got. I've had nearly 400 page loads this week, and while I know that many of the faithful load multiple times, I am still quite certain that there are those of you who are simply refusing to "de-lurk." For those who are interested, here's a list of those who have "exposed themselves."

1. Andrea E - Indiana
2. Jen J - Texas
3. Cathy W - Indiana
4. Melissa R - Illinois
5. Rachel Y - Texas
6. Jill C - Indiana
7. Tina P - Illinois
8. Rob S - Illinois
9. Ashley W - Illinois
10. Maria M - Illinois
11. Diane P - Illinois
12. Suellen S - Indiana
13. Jim K - Michigan
14. Glynis K - Ohio
15. Tina R - Illinois
16. Krysten S - Ohio
17. Joe W - Ohio
18. Jill N - Indiana
19. Carrie G - Indiana
20. Pam S - New Jersey
21. Libby M - California
22. Elizabeth M - Indiana
23. Nancy R - Illinois
24. Helen M - Indiana
25. Ben M - Indiana
26. Jill M - Michigan
27. Dave P - Illinois
28. Kate W - Michigan
29. Alicia L - Indiana
30. Dorothy R - Missouri
31. Rebecca J - Indiana


Jenibug7 said...

Yeah- I think that means I win for "furthest away lurker"??? How about my prize is Famous Phan Puppy Chow to be picked up this Friday night. I will be at the Miller's house for 10 DAYS!!! :)

Welcome to Our Nest of Three said...

Don't even let Jen from Texas steal my title!!! I'm here lurking faithfully from Astoria, Oregon, the END OF THE WORLD!!! :)

SlyGly said...

I am impressed that you know that I was born in Ohio! But I actually live in Wisconsin now. :) Or maybe it's that other Glynis K.

amypfan said...

Jen - CAN'T WAIT!!

Caroline - I don't know, you never officially told me you were reading.... :)

Glynis - Yeah, I knew that--oops. :) Madison, yes?

Jenn said...

I guess it's time to expose myself...I live in Mechanicsville, VA.

It's a suburb of Richmond but we're praying to move to the Cincinnati region for the medical care and therapy Lydia needs!

Jenn (Bennett) Oster

Welcome to Our Nest of Three said...

i never said i was "reading". I said I was "faithfully lurking" ... that means obsessively checking for updates. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy...I stalk your blog - used to check regularly, now it's less frequently.

Jen Claudy

Jenn Bennett - if you move to Cincy, look me up!