Thursday, December 04, 2008

Finally, The Kid Gets Some Cake

Shay's first birthday was not quite all that we had hoped. In fact, we eventually just had to laugh about the many events that seemed to get in the way of our celebration.

For starters, Bryn, Shay, and I all have our birthdays in November. We do a visit with each branch of our extended family during the month, but since Shay's birthday isn't until the 27th, she had already received all her presents from family before her actual birthday--good at the time, but a little anti-climactic on the actual day.

Then, Shay's actual birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year. We went to Peoria for the holiday-- it was the first time I'd been with my family for Thanksgiving since 2000, so it was very exciting on that front. But we didn't get there until 10:00 on Wednesday night (11:00 our time), and then, in typical MeyPfan fashion, neither girl slept well away from home. So on Shay's actual birthday, she and Bryn pretty much tag-team napped all day, so there was never a good time to celebrate. And with all the Thanksgiving celebration, there was no real birthday celebration. That's right--no singing, no presents, no cake.

We planned to do the whole hoopla with some friends back in Indy on Saturday night. But Shay woke up from her nap that afternoon in the worst mood she's ever been in. She cried hysterically for an hour, and then finally, relieved from pain by two teething tablets and a dose of Tylenol, fell back asleep at 6:00. Our friends had brought over gifts and everything, but Shay seemed determined not to have a celebration.... she slept straight through from 6:00 that night until 10:00 the next morning.

The next day, Bryn decided that Shay's presents needed to be opened and took it upon herself to perform this task. She took off all the wrapping paper and then played with all of Shay's new toys. When I scolded her, she told me sweetly, "Mommy, I sharin' with Shay." On the up side, Shay did get a huge kick out of this, and she sat there applauding as Bryn modeled the use of the new toys.

We had our last Kindermusik class on Monday night, so no celebration then. On Tuesday night, we hosted small group at our house. I was absolutely determined that this night would feature actual cake and singing for Shay, no matter what. So when she wanted to go to bed early, I was a mean mommy and made her stay up. We did do singing and cupcakes. She actually wasn't all that interested in the cake--she ate a bite or two, but then wanted to get down from her high chair and go to bed.

Tomorrow night, we're taking her out for an actual family celebration. Hopefully we've managed to somewhat redeem our "horrible parent" status!

Oh, and to complicate all of this, we left our camera in Peoria. My mom is mailing it back to us, but it isn't here yet. So we took all our pictures of our attemps at birthday celebrations with our old camera, which is ridiculously slow, so I have several shots of Shay crawling out of the frame. Below, though, you can see the evidence that she really did get some cake for her birthday!


Melissa said...

Wow, I can't imagine choosing sleep over cake. The girl has got restraint!

This morning I woke up as grumpy as poor Shay was on Sunday (when you got back to Indianapolis). I'm not teething, but maybe a Tylenol will help :)

I think all your efforts to try to do a birthday celebration make you "great" parents, rather than "horrible" parents as you'd feared! Good luck with the birthday celebration you've got planned for tonight!

Cathy said...

I hope it was a good celebration, and she won't remember, and she's not bearing permanent damage. In fact, I don't think she's neglected in any way.