Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas for the MeyPfans

Last week, Ben and I packed up the girls and headed to Peoria for Christmas with my family. This trip was rather shaky at the start. We had not yet decided if we were going to leave Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. We had declared that we were just going to "play it by ear," which, for an obsessive organizer like me, is clearly a recipe for disaster.

While the girls and I were out with friends on Tuesday morning, my mom called to tell me that she had fallen on the ice in her driveway the night before. And broken her wrist. In three places. And was going to need to go in that for surgery. And wouldn't be able to drive or take care of herself. BUT, she said, there was a big storm coming, and we shouldn't try to drive through it to get to Peoria.

After many, many phonecalls to husband, sister, brother, and father, the decision was made that not only were we going to go to Peoria, but we were going to go right away. Ben and I both rushed home (me from the playdate, and him from work) to spend two hours frantically throwing together all our gifts, clothing, baby travel supplies, etc., and then we took off for Peoria, hoping to beat the storm and get there in time to take care of Mom.

We slid on the ice and almost crashed into a telephone pole within our first five minutes out of the neighborhood. Seriously, inches away, one tire suspended in midair. Not good. But we persevered, and after finding an alternate method out of our neighborhood, as all the usual roads were blocked with wrecks, we slowly made it the two blocks to the interstate entrance. It took us an hour and a half to go 20 miles. By the time we would normally have been all the way to Peoria, we weren't even yet to Champaign (our rough halfway point). All in all, it took 7 hours and intense concentration, but we did make it to Peoria in one piece.

It was a long night, between the girls sleeping in a new place (which is always a struggle with Bryn) and me getting up every 4 hours to get my mom her Vicodin. My poor mom has a metal rod on the outside of her arm, drilled into her bones, to keep everything in place. She calls herself "the bionic woman." Out of sympathy for her, no photos of this contraption will appear on the blog. :)

The rest of our time in Peoria was spent helping Mom with everyday tasks, celebrating Christmas three times (Mom, Dad, and Mom's extended family), catching up with some dear friends (much love goes out to Jarrod, Corey, David, Melissa, Maria, Amy, and families), and sleeping on an assortment of couches and air mattresses. We are now safely back home, attempting to find places to stash all the girls' Christmas loot....

Here are Bryn and Shay having Christmas at our house on Sunday night. In spite of the plethora of gifts they received, the absolute winner was this drum/maraca/harmonica/tamborine set. Shay is already pretty amazing at making music (thank you, Kindermusik class!). Bryn, of course, likes everything better when dressed like a princess. :)

Speaking of "dressed like a princess..." The above picture features her new "Sleeping Beauty" gear (which is actually a Barbie dress that I snagged at a garage sale last summer... shh, don't tell Bryn!), and this is the "Snow White" ensemble she received from Grandma Diane. Yes, we've branched out beyond just Cinderella. And Bryn's other favorite gift? Three Barbies--dressed as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White. Yep, we're all princess, all the time around here!

Grandpa Dave loves to give books as gifts... Here, Shay is thinking, "That's a lot of heavy reading for a one-year-old!" (But Mommy and Daddy are both looking forward to their new reads!)

Five Pfans.... Me with brother Brian, sister Kristin, and of course cuties Shay and Bryn, under the tree at my mom's house on Christmas morning.

My favorite picture--Daddy Ben and Baby Shay on Christmas morning.
So, all in all, it was a good one, although rather different than we had planned. Hope you all had wonderful holidays as well!


Andrea said...

Gosh glad you made it in one piece! We had to go down to Greenwood on Tues and it took us an hour and a half to get to the interstate (usually takes 10 minutes) and a total of 2.25 hours to get there. Yuck. I couldn't imagine 7 hours of it!

Hannah also got a princess dress from her Aunt Sarah and Uncle Paul and I think it was probably her favorite gift as well. Our little princesses!

Hope your mom has a speedy recovery!

Melissa said...

Your poor mom! This weather has been so awful. I'm glad you made it safely to Peoria and back, and I'm glad we got to see each other if only for a little while!