Thursday, November 20, 2008

Catching Up: Zoo Boo

Grading update: taught my afternoon classes and am now back at work. One more to go in this class set.

Here are Bryn, Shay, and their friend Chris at the Zoo Boo last month. The Indianapolis Zoo hosts this event every year, and it's so cute to see little kids roaming all over the zoo in their Halloween costumes. I love how Bryn is being all protective of Shay in this picture, and how happy they all look. It wasn't easy to get the princess, the giraffe, and Mickey Mouse to all line up on the bench and hold still, but we did manage to get a cute shot before they all got down and ran off to see more animals!

I just think this is too cute. During Zoo Boo, zoo employees hand out candy at various trick-or-treating stations throughout the zoo. Shay always wants whatever Bryn has, so she cried when she saw that Bryn got to eat candy and she didn't. So we gave her an unopened box of Nerds, and she happily shook it and teethed on it all night long--and it was still in good enough shape that Mommy could enjoy the candy on the way home!

We were pretty bummed that some of the animals went to bed or went inside for dinner before we got to see them--including the giraffes, which was sad because we wanted to take a picture of Shay in her costume with them. But we did take the girls on the train, which we had never done at the zoo before, so it was a big special treat. Here's the four of us at the end of our fun night.

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