Thursday, November 20, 2008

Catching Up: My Little Pumpkins

Recently, I've been completely snowed under by the vast amount of work I have to do. For example, before 8:00 tomorrow, I need to grade 30 essay tests, approve or deny 30 project proposals, write two quizzes, and read approximately 80 pages Black Hawk Down. Yikes. I'm also feeling a large amount of burnout, and I'm having a hard time motivating myself to keep going and get it all done.

So you, my dear friends, are going to be both my reward and my accountability today. For every 3 papers that I grade, I will allow myself a five-minute break to post a few of my "catching up" pictures. So get ready to cheer me on--or just view the cuteness. :)

These pictures are from the week of Halloween. Ben's parents sent the girls these super-cute matching pumpkin sweatsuits. The girls wore them when we went on the Haunted Hayride (during friendly hours, of course) in our town. Don't we all look cute and ready for fall? The matching brown coats on Ben and I and his coordinating orange hat are just accidents though. :)
Here's our littlest pumpkin, ready for a snack after her big hayride. This was a few days before the haircut that I wrote about a few posts ago, so you can definitely see how badly she was in need of one. This picture also shows my absolute favorite thing about the sweatshirts, which is the adorable little stem on the hood.

And here's our bigger pumpkin, totally hamming it up for the camera. She loved her "punkin shirt" and wanted to wear it for the entire week leading up to Halloween. I had to sneak it down to a box in the basement when she wasn't looking to prevent her from wearing it all the way up to Christmastime! Luckily, hers is big enough that it can make a repeat appearance next year. :)

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SlyGly said...

Reading about your workload makes me tired. But I'm looking forward to the 10 posts!