Thursday, November 20, 2008

Catching Up: Eerie Express

Grading update: Graded through lunch. 9 essays down.

Here are Bryn, Shay, and their friend Chris at the Eerie Express at the Children's Museum. Ben and I took the girls, accompanied by Chris and his mom Cathy, during friendly hours, when all the lights were on--which is good, because we agreed that several parts would have definitely been scary to both kids and adults in the dark! It's safe to say that the kids' favorite part was receiving a different treat from characters in each room of the haunted house. Ben liked the huge "whole world built of Legos" display by the exit and snapped dozens of pictures, intending to use them for inspiration for future plaster block projects. I think Cathy and I were largely just amused by the much baby cuteness!

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Cathy said...

Way to be productive! And not just our kids were precious, but all the other kids in costumes were pretty stinky cute too! Last month seems SO long ago.