Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cute Things My Kids Say

I really am going to attempt to get caught up on blogging about the many events in our lives over the past few weeks, but for the time being, a few nuggets of cuteness:

Several weeks ago, when Shay was babbling up a storm and demanding my attention, and said to her, "Oh, really? That's very interesting." Now every single time Shay starts babbling, Bryn laughs and says, "Oh really Baby Shay!"

Bryn has also learned that it's polite to say "bless you" whenever someone sneezes. Now, whenever she sneezes, she says aloud, "Bless you, Brynna!" (don't really know what's up with the "Brynna"--she only says that in this context.)

Bryn hates to feel left out of anything. Whenever Ben and I try to have a conversation by ourselves, she demands, "You talk-a me!" Likewise, when we are talking about Shay or to Shay, Bryn says, "What 'bout me?"

Whenever she really likes something, Bryn proclaims, "My loves it!"

I realize this has been largely about Bryn because, let's face it, she talks a lot more (at least in words we can understand!) than Shay. However, Shay has said some very wonderful things lately, including both "dada" and "mama" (yay!!). Won't be long before we've got all kinds of cute quotes from her too!


AngieRenee said...

love it!! :) so cute. miss you all tons!!

Cathy said...

Really it won't be long until Shay's words top this list, as it is, she makes a fine attempt at holding her own against Bryn.

Anonymous said...

So cute! I hope that you post Halloween pictures! - Ashley :)