Thursday, October 02, 2008

13 Things I Did Before 7:00 This Morning

Gone are the days when I was a stay-at-home mom and slept in until 8:00 every day. Now that I'm back at work, I struggle to fit everything that I used to do in a day into the few hours that I spend at home. In the evenings, I want to play with the girls and visit with Ben and Kristin, not do chores. Plus I have grading and lesson plans to do every night. Therefore, many things don't get done at night when they're supposed to, and I end up doing them in the morning (often resulting in me eating breakfast in the car) because I am so distressed to find them undone when I come downstairs in the morning. So here's what my morning looked like today:

1. Got up; showered; got ready for work.

2. Did a load of laundry.

3. Sorted through all of Bryn's old 9-12 month long-sleeved clothes and arranged the appropriate ones into Shay's closet and drawers (all while Shay was sleeping).

4. Unloaded the dishwasher.

5. Reloaded the dishwasher with random dirty dishes that were lying around downstairs.

6. Cleaned up all the toys, puzzle pieces, newspapers, etc. that were lying on the living room floor.

7. Scrubbed down the kitchen counters to remove the random stickiness that has built up over the past few days, then did the same to the kitchen table.

8. Collected recycling from various locations around the house and took it out to the bin.

9. Emptied the Diaper Genie and took the (smelly) contents to the outdoors trash.

10. Emptied the kitchen trash, took it out, and replaced the bag.

11. Dug through boxes in the basement to find old English-major textbooks and anthologies to bring to school with me.

12. Loaded up all our cardboard recycling (2 large boxes) into my car, so that I can swing by a recycling center and drop it off on the way home.

13. Got in the car and departed for school.


Kathy said...

oh my! what time did you get up?!

Suellen said...

Seriously! I can't get half of that done and I am HOME all day. You are a super woman!

Ben said...


Re-title this sucker as "13 things my husband should have done the night before" and call it a day!

Melissa said...

that's a lot of things. one of my friends has a 3-1/2 year old daughter who likes to clean; one day her little girl came up to her and asked for a rag so she could clean the kitchen counter. maybe soon Bryn and Shay will be helping you out around the house so you have fewer things to do before 7am!

Anonymous said...

seriously - wayyy more than i do most weeks.

Jenibug7 said...

The other day I swept and mopped and vacumed before I took Elias to school. Not sure why...

Anonymous said...

YOU DID WHAT BEFORE WHEN????????? MY GOODNESS GIRL< you make me tired just reading your blog!!! by the time you got to school , you needed a nap!!!! LOVED BEN's COMMENT< take him up on that!!!! go sit on your patio and have a cup of coffee. tea or whatever, and TAKE A FEW DEEP BREATHS , and say OMMMMMMMM!!!-:) keeping you all in my prayers, hugs to everyone, your little girls are so darling.. love the photos!!! logan's grama