Sunday, August 10, 2008

Have Fun!

Bryn's latest cute thing is that whenever she says "bye-bye," she follows it up with "have fun!" She has probably heard us say that to her a hundred times, so I'm guessing that's where she picked it up. What makes it so funny, though, is that now she has started adding commentary to the end. For example....

The other night, I was taking Bryn and Shay to the library. Kristin (my sister and live-in nanny)was lying in her bed watching TV, and Bryn shouted, "Bye-bye, Aunt Tistin! Have fun in bed!"

A couple of weeks ago, Andrea and I took our kids to the zoo. When leaving, Bryn said happily, "Bye-bye, dolphins! Have fun swimming in the water!"

And my personal favorite..... Friday was a teacher work day for me, so Kristin brought Bryn and Shay up to school to visit. She also picked up lunch for me and Alicia (who I share a classroom with). After our visit, when Kristin was pulling out of the parking lot with the girls in her car, Bryn waved at the building and said, "Bye-bye, school! Have fun with my mommy!"


AngieRenee said...

so adorable! =)

Kathy said...

how freakin' cute is that?!