Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Week at UHS

WOW has it ever been a busy week. I promise that I do intend to keep blogging, and I even hope to do it more often, but I have just been completely snowed under by this week. Even as I type this, I have a rather large stack of grading (yes, it's only the first week of school, and yes, I am mean and gave homework every night) sitting next to me, begging for my attention. But for all of those of you who have emailed, Facebooked, and texted me this week to wish me luck and check in with how I'm doing, I love you very much and felt like you at least deserved an update!!

MONDAY - The last day of "summer." When I arrived at school to work a little before 8:00, the only other person in the building was the other new teacher. Various others came and went throughout the day, but when I left at a little after 6:00, I was the only one left there. Even after putting in all that time, I still felt ill-prepared for the start of the year. The two weeks I'd had beforehand were just not enough time to prepare curriculums for three new classes, one of which is AP.

TUESDAY - First day of school! First day of school! I was surprisingly not nervous. It seemed very natural, which just reconfirmed for me that this is where I'm supposed to be right now. I really liked all my kids, and classes went well. The huge down side was that I developed a migraine along about third period and since I had neglected to take any migraine pills to school with me, it just continued to get worse all day. I hadn't realized that we were going to have a faculty meeting after school, so I was rather distressed when the end of the day came and I had to troop off to that. During the meeting, they changed the schedule for next week AGAIN (this would be like the tenth change, and I am still kind of confused as to what's going on) (remind me sometime to write a post all about how weird our schedule is), causing me to cover my face with my hands and moan a little. Although this would have gone unnoticed at a public school, since there were only like 15 of us in this meeting (32 staff members total, including secretaries, financial folks, etc., plus coaches weren't at the fac meeting), the assistant head (because we don't have a principal; we have a headmaster) laughed at me and asked if I was going to be okay. I managed to choke out, "I quit! I'm going back to public school!" and the rest of the staff had a good laugh at me. In fact, for the rest of the week, I had teachers coming into my room and telling me that was the funniest thing that had happened in ages. I didn't mean to be funny; my head just hurt really bad. Anyway. Later in the same meeting, the assistant head launched into a long spiel about how someone needed to take on planning prom, and he knew it was a miserable job, etc, etc, and more out of self-preservation than anything else (aka "I need to go home and take a migraine pill right now or I am going to curl up and die"), I volunteered to do it. Alicia (with whom I share a classroom) has not yet stopped laughing at me for both quitting and volunteering to be charge of prom during the very same meeting.

WEDNESDAY - A good day. I actually remembered some kids' names, and they actually talked during class discussion. Craziness. My smallest class has 13 kids (although only 11 were there all last week, as two were finishing up summer commitments) and my largest has 18. That's right, all my public school teacher friends--you are now allowed to be wildly jealous. :) My evening involved sitting in stopped traffic for almost a half an hour while trying to get home from the local Walmart, which is made rather challenging by the fact that basically all of the roads in Brownsburg are closed. Ben spent the evening downtown at the convention center, setting up for GenCon and visiting with all the rest of the geeky gamers. :) Bryn and Shay seem to be holding up okay with my absence, largely due to the fact that their daytime sitter is Aunt Kristin, who they adore. Bryn is rather clingy in the evenings though.

THURSDAY - Again, no complaints with school. I'm surprised at how fast I am adjusting. I remembered yet more kids' names. On the home front, we are now up to three houseguests for GenCon, although I had yet to see any of them. Ben left the convention for a while to take the girls to the zoo with me in the evening, as it was open late for a special event. They had a really good time, in spite of the fact that not all of the animals were out. Bryn insisted on taking her stuffed Horton the elephant (from Dr. Seuss) with us, which was not a big surprise, as she has been carrying it around a lot ever since seeing the movie "Horton Hears a Who" with Suellen last week. In fact, Bryn even volunteered to walk so that Horton (who she class "Porton") could ride in the stroller in her seat. Very cute. When we got to the elephants at the zoo, she ran to the stroller, got Horton out, carried him to the fence, lifted him up so he could "see" over the fence (like we do with her), and said, "See Porton? More elphants!"

FRIDAY - In spite of the fact that it was just my first week back, TGIF. I really don't think I could have handled getting up with an alarm for even one more day. Good day at school. Ben and houseguests MIA at GenCon all night. Kristin was off to Chicago for the weekend. Derek and Chris came over for dinner, bringing a delectable homemade lasagna with them. Alicia and Suellen "stopped by" to drop off a movie, and we all ended up hanging out. Very fun.

SATURDAY - Mostly spent sleeping (sleeping in, napping) in order to make up for my severe sleep deficit from the rest of the week. Lots of time hanging out with the girls. I took them both to the grocery store with me, which of course made the trip far more lengthy than it needed to be. Andrea, Gwyn (who was in town so her husband could go to GenCon), and I had planned to have a girls/gaming widows evening, but our husbands decided that they actually wanted to see us--yay! :) So Andrea, Rob, Gwyn, David, and Mike all came over here and we grilled out. Good fun with good friends.

SUNDAY - Since Ben was off at GenCon (last day!), the babies attended the 9:30 high school service with me and sat in on my small group (rather distracting, but still cute). Then I went to the 11:00 church service while they went to the nursery. Our head pastor is back from a month-long sabbatical and wow, was it good to hear him preach again. Tonight the girls and I are off to a picnic with my Mom to Mom group from church. I imagine this will be rather bittersweet, as I won't be able to participate in the group this year, since they meet during the day and I'm back at work. Hopefully that pesky grading will happen sometime tonight, then back to the grind tomorrow morning. Ben will be out of town on business for the majority of this coming week, so it looks like another hard one. Wish me luck!!


Kathy said...

wow! I'm tired just reading :) glad to hear it's going well so far and have a happy 2nd week at school!

Krysten said...

Glad to hear things are going well. You certainly know how to keep busy. I've taken just about every piece of natural labor induction advice I can read and tried it. Nothing seems to be working. She's apparently quite content to hang out on the inside and kick the poop out of my rib cage. I keep trying to convince her that she'd have LOTS more room out here, but so far, no luck. I'll keep you posted!

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad for you that you are where you want to be and are happy to be there. Remember, if Kristin needs a day off, you can always call me to watch the girls.


Melissa said...

Suggestion for prom: Don't have the theme be "Inna Gadda Da Vida."

Congrats on a great first week!