Wednesday, August 20, 2008

13 Funny Comments

Here are 13 of the weird things that have been said to me, both by students and by staff, since I started teaching at University:

1. "I would marry Gatsby if I could.... the book, not the man." - Alicia (aka "LaMags," as the students all call her)

2. "I have a question..... how did dead baby jokes get started?" - senior boy (note: nothing even remotely relating to these heinous jokes had ever been mentioned in my class before this)

3. "Wait, what did Miley Cyrus do? I'm looking that up after class!" - freshman boy, during a class discussion of what is and is not appropriate to post on the internet

4. "This restaurant is a total meatfest. I'm keeping my card on green all night." - male teacher during faculty dinner at Fogo de Chao--if you've been there, you understand.

5. "Everybody be quiet! I want to read!" - senior boy, after I told the class that their first novel (High Fidelity by Nick Hornby) has a lot of sex and profanity in it

6. "I think dementia is setting in.... maybe she should just be a crazy cat lady." - senior girl, describing the character of Miss Brill in the short story by the same name

7. "Well, if you liked it that much, I guess I do too." - junior girl, in response to Alicia's overwhelming enthusiasm about F. Scott Fitzgerald

8. ".... but I'm really not a pedophile." - graduated female. She was apparently telling Alicia that there are some cute freshman boys at UHS this year, but they walked into our classroom in the middle of the conversation, and this was all I heard.

9. "I need more 10s!" - junior girl, referring to her scores on homework (10/10 being perfect)
"You do not need any more A's!" - Alicia, in response
"Yes I do!" - junior girl
"Look, you're perfect and everyone knows it. Now shut up." - Alicia
"You're mean. I hate you." - junior girl
(all said good-naturedly; earlier in the week, Alicia proclaimed that she loved this girl and would "marry her whole family" if she could)

10. "I'm having a moose!" - Suellen (this actually has nothing to do with school, but since she said it to me while I was at school, I figured it could count)

11. "My mom kept telling me not to play with dolls when I was little, and that didn't work out so well." - senior boy (this comment seemed just as cryptic to me as it does to you. When I asked him to explain, he just laughed.)

12. "Sorry I missed class on Friday. I was being diverse." - various seniors, meaning that they had attended a diversity workshop hosted by the school, and therefore had missed class

13. "You got Chucked!" - everyone, referring to our headmaster's (Chuck's) propensity for sucking people into lengthy conversations and thus making them late for classes that they are either supposed to be attending or teaching

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