Thursday, July 10, 2008

Running with the Big Dogs

Shortly after getting home from Peoria, we spent a day dogsitting for our friends Jason and Amanda. Their "baby" is named Sybian. He is a mix of Great Dane and English mastiff. He weighs 140 pounds and comes up to my shoulders when he is standing on all fours. He drools constantly and sheds hairs that are longer than mine.

He also cried like a baby when Jason left, and he let Bryn chase him around and pet him all day. If you look at his individual features, he's just a big puppy. Then it's like you zoom out and see this huge beast! All in all, though, he was very well behaved, and Bryn loved spending the day playing with "my Syb."

Quite clearly, he is taller than Bryn. He is also tall enough to take food off the kitchen counters without having to stretch at all.

Whenever I let him out, Bryn anxiously waited at the door for him to come back in and play. If you see the other black thing on Sybian's left, that's Dagny. Yes, my 80-pound fatty beast is dwarfed by him.
Bryn was very distraught when she woke up the next morning and Sybian was nowhere to be found. She kept asking, "Where big doggy?" Sorry, honey, no space for him here permanently!


Kathy said...

whoa!!! :) he looks sweet though :)

Alicia said...

you never mentioned that he tried to eat Shay! Or rather drown her in a pile of slobber.

Cathy said...

He certainly is a protector, sweet super beasty, and covering everyone in a protective layer of slime. I love big dogs, but if I can't lift it, I shouldn't own it.

Krysten said...

I can't even imagine. Glad to hear that Bryn had better luck with Sybian, though, than with Josey. Even though Josey could certainly do some damage, I'm pretty sure Sybian could eat her if he wanted to! :) I can't wait to see you again! Yeah!