Tuesday, July 01, 2008

June in Review

As June comes to a close, here are our "memorable events" from the girls' lives:

1 - loves Mater truck (from "Cars") and wants him to "play" with her Lightning McQueen car
2 - first day of VBX "Lost at Castaway Bay" at Connection Pointe
3 - very clingy with Mommy; doesn't want to be separated or let anyone else hold her
4 - huge rainstorm; lots of flooding
5 - somehow gets huge bruise on forehead during VBX
6 - gets to see fire truck and play in water at VBX
7 - Nana and Papa visit; failed attempt at potty training; Splash Island in Plainfield with Mommy and Daddy
8 - likes to help place items on checkout at grocery store
9 - likes Mommy to sing her "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman
10 - sees "Evan Almighty" at Avon movie theater; Daddy's first softball game of the season
11 - Elaina S (and her parents) visit from Oregon
12 - loves singing and reading about spiders in Mommy & Me class at Avon library
13 - Amanda D babysits all day
14 - likes to cuddle in big bed with Mommy, Daddy, Shay, and the dogs
15 - helps Mommy bake brownies for Daddy
16 - gorgeous weather; loves to be "pushed high" in swing
17 - "Bee Movie;" plays in the dirt at the ballfield with Tyler N during Daddy's game
18 - keeps crying and saying that "poopy hurts" all day before having a huge one at night
19 - when asked how old she is, replies "Brynie two half"
20 - learns to answer that Shay's age is "just half"
21 - plays with Chris and Emily at the Julius's house, but doesn't want to share toys
22 - loves to play with toy grocery cart
23 - loves to wear her "Memo" (Nemo) and "Ah-dow" (Ka-Chow, aka Lightning McQueen) shirts
24 - "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium;" spends the movie saying "Brynie want more corn!"
25 - "Shrek 3;" drive to Columbus, OH; up all night, but stays quiet watching silent tv
26 - loves chasing Krysten S's cats with Hannah (who she calls "Nana")
27 - Ohio gives Bryn allergies!; play at indoor park at Columbus mall
28 - loves playing with dice tower at Daddy's Origins booth
29 - drive home from Ohio; keeps telling Mommy "no sing!" (meaning no radio), so we have to drive in silence
30 - loves putting bouncy balls in counter for library summer reading program; first "friendly" dentist appointment--wants Mommy to hold her in the chair, but does pretty well

1 - sleeps consistently on back in crib (no longer sleeping in bouncy seat)
2 - eats bananas--and doesn't seem as excited about them as veggies!; first day of VBX at Connection Pointe
3 - drinks diluted apple juice from bottle
4 - very constipated; cries all day
5 - eats prunes; sits up in stroller (instead of riding in bucket seat)
6 - huge poop! all over self, clothes, bottle, carseat, carseat base, changing table, etc.
7 - Nana & Papa visit; Shay cuddles with Papa all evening
8 - rolls over consistently from back to stomach
9 - 6 month shots; 28 inches long; 15'8" without clothes; head is 17 1/4 cm circumference
10 - first movie in a theater ("Evan Almight")--Shay sleeps through it
11 - Elaina S (and her parents) visit from Oregon
12 - first night away from Mommy--C & AJ babysit until Daddy gets home from work
13 - Amanda D babysits all day while Mommy is in Peoria (Mommy back pm)
14 - likes to cuddle in big bed with Mommy, Daddy, Bryn, and dogs
15 - eats squash
16 - rolling all over the place--moving from room to room!
17 - sees "Bee Movie" and actually seems to watch it
18 - eats applesauce; go to Avon-Washington Township Park & playground
19 - still needs a bottle to put herself to sleep at night--but now conconsistently rolls to stomach to sleep
20 - "test subject" for Pampers market research study
21 - eats sweet potatoes
22 - rolling all over the place during diaper changes!
23 - play at library; then eat chicken fries with Chris (Shay really just has a bottle :))
24 - eats pears; sees "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium"
25 - sees "Shrek 3;" drive to Columbus, OH
26 - gets two first teeth--bottom center; Columbus gives Shay allergies!
27 - 7 months old; rolls off the bed!; dinner with Krysten and Adam
28 - dinner with Gwyn and David
29 - drive home from Ohio; happy to be rolling around on our own floor
30 - eats peaches--doesn't seem sure if she likes them


ohmadlibs said...

test subject?! That's awesome!

Carrie said...

How do you get to be a test subject, and do you get free Pampers? They are $$$$!

Carrie said...

Sounds good. I'd like their info. I can't figure out how to email you through blogger, so can you send me a message through myspace? let me know if you have trouble looking me up... that would be a good way for us to touch base about getting our kids together too :).

Melissa said...

Amy, it is so good you are recording the daily memories of Bryn and Shay-- as they grow up I am sure you will cherish these.

My nephew (3 yrs) loves Lightening McQueen and all things Cars. I hadn't pegged Bryn to be such a fan!

Also, glad that Shay is expanding her dietary repertoire :)

Much love,