Monday, July 14, 2008


Many of you have heard me mention before that Bryn is incredibly clingy with me. She wants to be with Mommy all the time. I think this is beautifully demonstrated by the following conversation, which took place between Bryn and I when I was trying to get out the door to go tutor this afternoon:

Me: Brynie, Mommy is going to go teach the kids now.
Bryn: No! Mommy home!
Me: No, sweetie, I need to go teach now.
Bryn: No! Mommy sick.
Me: I'm sick?
Bryn: Okay. Mommy sick. Mommy home.
Me (trying to hide my laughter): No, sweetie, Mommy isn't sick.
Bryn: Oh. (pause, then enthusiastically) Brynie sick.
Me (now laughing out loud): No, honey, you're not sick either.
Bryn (sticking out lower lip, pathetically): Brynie sick.
Me: Oh really? How are you sick?
Bryn (after thinking): Brynie hurt.
Me: You think you're hurt?
Bryn: Okay. Brynie broken.
Me: What's broken?
Bryn: Brynie foot broken.

Considering that she was standing next to me and trying to burrow into my side during this entire conversation, I gathered that she was bluffing, and I left for tutoring a few minutes later. :)


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Hopefully when it is time for her to head to prom you won't have to join her (you might want to start looking for a cute dress though ;) )


ohmadlibs said...

haha - your daughter - she rocks!

Kathy said...

hahaha smartie pants!! That is absolutely hilarious!!

amypfan said...

Gwyn - Just FYI, I will be 45 by the time she attends prom. I don't think they make cute prom dresses for any age group past "teen" (or at least I hope so). I guess that means Bryn is out of luck. :)

Carrie said...

How absolutely adorable! I only hope that Brett loves me so much!

Andrea said...

Very cute! I love that she came up with a viable (although untrue) reason as to why you shouldn't leave. LOL Oh and I know you've told me in the past that she was kinda clingy but I thought you were maybe exaggerating until a few weeks ago at Origins when you had the changing fiasco at dinner and Bryn spent 15 minutes with her head buried in my shoulder crying "Mommy hold Brynie". I do admire her persistence though - she never gave up until you came back! ;)

Melissa said...

i suggest that you remind her of this if she becomes one of those teenagers who is suddenly "too cool" for mom! Otherwise, I am sure you will be able to find a really great prom dress; you've got plenty of time to look :)