Thursday, July 17, 2008


Tonight Bryn said something that just made my heart melt.

We had actually driven up to Camp Tecumseh for the Annual Meeting. I considered this a good excuse to see old friends, show off baby Shay, and introduce Bryn to some camp songs (in a form me singing them in the car). Camp was wonderful, as always. Bryn was extremely shy at first and was trying to hide from all the people. I was talking to my old friend Tom, who I first met when we worked together way back in the summer of '99. Bryn got very concerned and rushed over to me, grabbing my legs protectively.

Bryn: MY mommy!!
Me: Honey, it's okay. Tom is Mommy's friend.
Bryn: No! Brynie Mommy's friend.
Me: Well, yes, honey, you are my friend. But Mommy has more than one friend.
Bryn: Oh. (thinking) Brynie Mommy's BEST friend!

And for the rest of the night, whenever I talked to a new person, Bryn informed them that she was my best friend, as if to establish the pecking order right away. It was too cute.

I told Ben this story on the phone on the way home. When we pulled into the driveway and she had finished greeting him excitedly, he asked her who her best friend was. She pointed at me and said, "Brynie best friend."
Ben: Is Daddy Brynie's best friend?
Bryn (condescendingly): Nooooo.
Ben: Is Shay Brynie's best friend?
Bryn (laughing): Noooo.
Ben: Is Mommy Brynie's best friend?
Bryn: YEAH! Mommy Brynie's best friend!!

So there you have it: we're BFF.


Suellen said...

You totally need to show this to her when she is 16 and screaming that she hates you! (Maybe that won't happen though - after all, you are BFF!)

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! - Ashley :)

Cathy said...

SO cute!

Kathy said...

aww !

Krysten said...

These last few posts certainly make me eager for a) Sadie to be born and b) Sadie to begin talking. I'm going to post some new nursery pictures in a few minutes, so you'll have to check those out! Have a wonderful Friday!