Friday, June 27, 2008

Who Needs Sleep? (#200)

"Who needs sleep? Yeah, you're never gonna get it.
Who needs sleep? Tell me what that's for."
- Barenaked Ladies

The trip to Ohio has been fun but exhausting thus far. Bryn has long since given up napping in the car, so she did not take a nap on Wednesday, as we were driving over naptime. We drove through a colossal thunderstorm to get here. Seriously, it was like someone had turned a fire hose full force directly on the car. Between the scary storm and the lack of a nap, Bryn was in quite a state by the time we got to Columbus. The only thing that placated her while I navigated the local rush hour was allowing her to listen to "The Mickey Mouse Club March" about 20 times over. All in all, we were quite glad to arrive at the hotel.

I was completely beat, so we ordered in pizza and settled in for a quiet evening. We put the girls in the bath around 8:00, read some stories, and then tried to go to bed. We'd already had to rearrange the room to accommodate two Pack 'n' Plays--will Bryn never learn to sleep in a bed?!?! Upon putting them in their beds, however, Bryn started to cry hysterically and demanded to be allowed to sleep with Mommy. So we moved her to the big bed, where she rolled over, burrowed into my side, and repeatedly rearranged herself over and over again for the next hour. A bit after 10:00, Ben finally gave up and moved her to her Pack 'n' Play, where she cried herself to sleep while I worried alternately worried about her waking Shay and her waking the people in the next room.

Over the next few hours, we awoke to Shay crying several times but were able to continue soothing her back to sleep. At 3:00, Bryn woke up again, sobbing hysterically and demanding to be let into the big bed. We gave in, and she spent the next hour and a half pummeling us. At around 4:30, we completely gave up. We moved her Pack'n' Play so she could see the television and turned on Nick Jr. with no sound. We thought that she would watch for a bit and eventually fall asleep. This theory did not work out, as by 7:00, she was still standing in her crib, staring wide-eyed at the screen. At least she had been quiet enough for us to sleep for a bit.

I figured that this meant she would nap really well on Thursday, so we decided to have a relatively quiet day. Rob, Andrea, and Hannah had arrived after we went to bed on Wednesday night, so Rob and Ben took off for the convention, and Andrea and I herded the girls to the lobby for some breakfast. We then went over to our friend Krysten's house, which is about 15 minutes away from our hotel. Bryn and Hannah gorged themselves on the cookies Krysten was baking and then proceeded to terrorize her three cats by chasing them around the house. Okay, really it was Bryn who harrassed the cats; Hannah was more just chasing Bryn. Krysten, who is expecting a baby girl of her own at the end of August, watched them with amusement. Shay, sweet little girl as always, napped in her carseat and then sat on my lap.

When we got in the car to come back to the hotel, Bryn promptly passed out in her carseat. Andrea kindly brought both Shay and Hannah inside the hotel so that I could carry Bryn in with her head down on my shoulder. I was incredibly hopeful that she would just go back to sleep and that we could all enjoy some nice long naps, but no such luck. Bryn cried and cried and cried, thus preventing Shay and I from sleeping as well. Eventually Andrea and Hannah woke up from their naps, and Andrea, being the wonderful person that she is, volunteered to let me take Bryn and Shay up to her room. They watched Elmo videos, and I came back to our room and took a nap. Ahhhh.

The boys returned around dinnertime, and we all went out to TGI Friday's. Bryn cried through the entire meal and insisted on sitting on my lap. We ate quickly and got out of there. Ben and Rob brought the kids back to the hotel while Andrea and I did some grocery shopping for baby food and kid-friendly snacks.

Warning: This is the point where I reveal that I am a bad mother.

When we got home, Ben and I decided that we were at the end of our rope. Bryn was displaying no signs of going to sleep in the next milennum, so in an effort to preserve our sanity, we dosed her up with children's Tylenol. Shortly thereafter, she peacefully curled up in her bed and went to sleep. I then passed out as well. However, Shay woke up once an hour all night long, so our sleep was neither so consistent or so restful as we had hoped it would be.

I guess I forgot to mention that Shay celebrated our trip to Ohio by simultaneously cutting her first two teeth. It's the two in the center on the bottom. She'd been working on them for a while, and they finally broke through.

This morning we were able to sleep in a good bit later than yesterday, as the boys did not need to be at the convention until a little before 10:00. Andrea and I packed up the girls and went to the local mall with Krysten. They had a very cool indoor playground, which Bryn and Hannah seemed to enjoy. We then had some lunch with Krysten and returned to the hotel. I was very hopeful that the sleep strike was over, but no such luck. I imprisoned Bryn in her crib, but she refused to nap. She sat quietly and looked at her books for about a half an hour, but then she started yelling and woke up Shay, and then there was no turning back. So she's been watching cartoons, Shay has been playing on the floor, and I have been blogging as we've been waiting for Andrea and Hannah to wake up from their naps. Oh, the jealousy. Anyway, Andrea just called, and they're up, so we're going to do snacktime and then take the girls to the pool. We're scheduled to all do a cookout with Krysten and her husband Adam tonight. Then, perhaps, some sleep??


Anonymous said...

oh no!!!! geek capital of the world + crying babies + teething = hell, with the bonus of room service if you need it. lol... So sorry... My only offering of advice is: take advantage of large closets and/or bathrooms. We've found that if E. can't see us, she naps much better. Yes, she will have had the VIP tour of several hotel closets and bathrooms by the time she's 5, but it also gets us a good night's sleep and some sanity. Although one time, we stuck her pack and play in there, only to hear her pushing beeping buttons on the built-in safe for the next hour. That's our little bandit in the making! lol... Hope you're having SOME fun! - C

Jenibug7 said...

I would say that is absolutely would be worth the cost of an adjoining room to put Bryn in her own room and let her cry all night if she so pleases. At least you could cover your head with your pillow and go back to sleep!

Millers said...

You are not a bad mother for the tylenol, but nyquil would have pushed you into that catagory. I must say there is nothing wrong with it. Give them both some tonight and maybe everyone else will sleep, benadryl works wonders. The dogs are fine and surviving the storms. Call when you get home tomorrow.

Cathy said...

You aren't a bad mommy for giving tylenol, she probably really needed it after crying for 2 days straight, can you imagine the headache? I had one just thinking of her. I hope the girls feel better and you get a nice fat Sunday afternoon nap at home tomorrow.

Melissa said...

what a trip! and btw, i think the tylonol PM is a perfectly reasonable solution. Cathy is right, Bryn probably had a headache and needed some painkiller anyway.