Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Readying the Blocks

It has been a bit of a crazy week for us, and tonight is probably the craziest bit of it.... which is, of course, why I am sneaking away for a few minutes to blog. :) We depart tomorrow morning for the Origins gaming conference in Ohio, where Ben and his company, Higher Ground Games, will be hosting their first booth ever. For those of you that don't know, Ben makes hand-crafted gaming terrain, mostly involving plaster blocks to build into game boards, models, etc. At any rate, my crazy husband has only been sleeping like 3 hours a night in order to prepare a fully stocked inventory to take over to Ohio with us. Our friend Rob is going to help him run his both, and Andrea and I will be watching the girls and playing with our friend Krysten, who lives very close to where the convention is being held. Tonight is pretty much madness, as Ben is trying to finish everything up, and I am trying to pack up me and the girls for our 5-day trip. Of course, if you have ever tried to get anything done efficiently and on a time schedule with two cute little girls underfoot, you will understand why this is a challenge. :) So, I'm off to continue the packing. My next post will be live from Ohio! :)


Cathy said...

May you have safe travels and a happy anniversary!

Melissa said...

wow, that sounds like a great trip! and a very fun way to spend your anniversary!

oh and btw, i am very sorry for punching you in the 7th grade (in my defense, it was an accident), for making you dance with J.S. in 8th grade (I thought he was a rebel with a cause) and also for being in the Indianapolis area last weekend without visiting you! We were a bit rushed for time, but the good news is that Rob plans on doing 2 other triathlons at Eagle Creek, so I will let you know the dates we will be there!

have a fun trip!

Kathy said...

Have fun on your trip; tell Ben I said I hope everything goes well for him! I know how hard he's been working and I wish him the best! Have fun spending time with the girls too - maybe you and Ben could take time out to celebrate your anniversary when you get home. Happy Anniversary, by the way! Is that 4 years?

Melissa said...

ok, i didn't know you lived 5 minutes from Eagle Creek. This is going to get tricky now that we know so many people in Indianapolis who are vying for our attention. We stayed with AK and Doc Y on Friday because they told us we were required to visit them. We will try to spread ourselves around and stay with you and Ben next time!

oh and btw, i am about 99% sure that i will be running the Indianapolis marathon (its a brand new one) on Nov 1. So that gives us another opportunity for a visit!

Again, best wishes in Ohio!

Anonymous said...

Your endless amount of energy exhausts me as I read your blogs!!!!!!! I love keeping in touch with your family via your blogs, so keep them going--- how exciting for the trip EAST,,,,,, enjoy, and hope all goes well, A very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Ben...... My how time flies 'when you're having fun'.!!! ABOUT J/S-- glad you survived the 'dance' -- I was shocked when I read his name in the PJS..... mostly that he was 'out' and in the area', EWWWWWWW!!!!! Give the girls a hug from me,,,,,,, til later, hugs to all, logan's grama