Tuesday, June 03, 2008

May in Review

I know I've been absent from the world of blogging for a few days; I figured that I deserved a break after being so dedicated for the entire month of May. So, before launching into the world of June and summertime (which the girls and I have spent almost entirely at VBX at our church), I figured I'd give a recap of May in the form of the girls' calendars....

Bryn's May
1 - likes to tickle Shay and make her laugh
2 - playes princess dress-up and has a tea party with Bekah
3 - 2 1/2 years old; Nana, Papa, and Grammy visit
4 - Shay's dedication ceremony at church--Bryn cries and squirms through the whole thing
5 - plays outside with Leleia (our next-door neighbor)
6 - chases a bunny through the Neals' yard during small group
7 - has a great time playing in her "princess rom" with Kylee
8 - watches "Lion King"--scared of the end, but still wants more "King Roar" afterwards
9 - Libby M comes to visit; Bryn thinks she's funny
10 - attends Aunt Kristin's college graduation dinner in Bloomington, IL
11 - plays at Grammy's house
12 - loves playing with her tea set while in her bed
13 - consistently naps in toddler bed, but still sleeps in crib at night (editor's note: this really only lasted for about a week; now she's back in the crib all the time)
14 - Uncle Dan and Great-Grandma Meyaard visit and spend the night
15 - thrilled about her "pink toes" (Mommy painted Bryn's toenails for the first time)
16 - goes to Dr. Z because she keeps saying that her "pee pee hurts"--turns out it's a sensitivity to bubble bath (editor's note: won't she be thrilled later in life to know that I posted this on the internet?). 35 inches long, weighs 33 1/2 pounds
17 - plays with Nate and Chris at Taylor's graduation party in Peoria
18 - Aunt Lindsay's high school graduation and party
19 - relaxing day and long nap to recover from the weekend
20 - eats sweet and sour sauce with her bare hands at dinner
21 - while at church, says she needs to potty--and then pees on the bathroom floor instead of the toilet (editor's note: bet the childcare workers loved her for this!)
22 - wants to wear dresses (aka "rounds") every day
23 - last day with Bekah and Levi
24 - spends Hannah's entire birthday party playing with Hannah's toys--won't even stop for cake!
25 - likes to sort cards into matching stacks
26 - loves her "doggy backpack"... with a convenient leash for Mommy to hold :)
27 - zoo and dolphin show with Andrea and Hannah
28 - loves stacking Daddy's dice, all facing the same way
29 - frequently sobs "Bryn need Mommy now!" (even when Mommy is already holding her)
30 - loves playing games and "spending" tickets at MOPS carnival
31 - big day! garage sales, swimming, and Connection Pointe carnival--all worn out at the end of a long, fun day!

Shaylee's May
1 - laughs when Bryn tickles her
2 - sits up in the "tripod" position unsupported
3 - Nana, Papa, and Grammy visit
4 - dedication service at Connection Pointe Christian Church
5 - plays outside with Liana (our next-door neighbor)
6 - Chris loves to "help" Shay with her bottle
7 - Ian loves lolding Shay and giving her a bottle
8 - wakes up with a cold
9 - meets Libby; Libby thinks Shay is the happiest baby ever
10 - attends Aunt Kristin's graduation dinner in Bloomington, IL
11 - Grammy loves cuddling Shay
12 - sits in high chair for first time
13 - loves to hold her own bottle
14 - Uncle Dan and Great-Grandma Meyaard visit and spend the night
15 - working very hard at rolling from back to tummy, but her arm keeps getting in the way
16 - 15 lbs and 5 oz with all clothes on
17 - meets all her Parkhurst relatives at Taylor's graduation party in Peoria
18 - Aunt Lindsay's high school graduation and party
19 - sleeps a lot; doesn't seem to feel very well
20 - feverish from teething
21 - cries all day with teething pain
22 - sleeps all day, up all night
23 - wants to be held and rocked all day; up every half hour all night
24 - head is 17" (75th percentile), length is 27" (90th percentile), and weight is 14 lb 10 oz naked (less than 50th percentile)
25 - starts amoxicillin prescription (juicy cough, rash, fluid in ears) and seems to feel better right away
26 - triest sweet peas--and loves them!
27 - 6 months old; sees dolphin show at the zoo--seems fascinated
28 - likes laying on tummy when she can look at herself in the mirror
29 - eats green beans with no complaints
30 - all the MOPS babysitters want to cuddle Shay "one more time before summer"
31 - first time swimming! (really just dips legs in a few times)


Andrea said...

Awww I love the calendar idea (I just know I'd never be that motivated!) ;)

just a girl said...

well, i'm glad that bryn thinks i'm funny - i certainly hope its not a "oh that poor weirdo" funny! or "dramatic" :)

sigh... late june, that's when i'll be free again - let's try to have fun catch up then. i'll make a calendar of my life til then, k? :)