Monday, June 30, 2008

Home Safely

We are now all home safely following our Ohio adventures. Bryn ended up not napping for the entire time we were in Columbus. Truth be told, I'm fairly certain that she didn't nap yesterday either, even though we timed our entire day around making sure that we were home in time to throw her down in her own crib. I, however, got a lovely nap yesterday, so I'm feeling in a much better mood than before!

Lack of sleep aside, we did have a good time. We got to visit with Krysten and Adam, as well as Gwyn and David, who drove over from Dayton on Saturday. It was really nice to catch up with college friends, and of course Andrea and I had tons of bonding time. :) Bryn asked for "Nana" (which is apparently how she now says "Hannah," as well as her word for "banana," as well as what she calls Ben's mom) the whole way home, so it seems she had a good time with her friend as well.

Andrea and I drove home yesterday morning with the girls, and Ben and Rob came home last night after the convention. Ben was really happy about how the con turned out for him, and he's looking forward to a repeat performance at InConJunction this weekend in Indy. The girls and I will be spending today, tomorrow, and Wednesday here, and then we'll be taking off for Peoria on Thursday morning. We figured a long weekend was in order, partially to visit friends, partially to celebrate my mom's birthday, and partially to clear out of the house while Ben hosts several friends here for the convention.

Right now, I'm off to get up a crying Shay (stupid teething). Speaking of teeth, this morning's activity is Bryn's first trip to the dentist, so wish me luck! Mostly just hopped online this morning to let everyone know that we made it back okay. More to follow when no one is crying and we're not trying to get out the door!


Cathy said...

"More to follow when no one is crying and we're not trying to get out the door." -When will that be? 2025?
Seriously, glad you all made it home safe and sound, and may you have a big fat naptime and good night's sleeps before heading back west.

Andrea said...

Now don't be silly, Cathy. Amy and Ben are planning on having 12 children. It will be much much later than 2025. ;)

amypfan said...

Thanks for the votes of confidence, ladies. :)

Suellen said...

Sorry that your trip involved much crying and not sleeping. It's always nice to be home!