Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #2

Apparently I messed up my first Thursday Thirteen..... I did this week's topic last week. So, no worries, I will now do last week's topic and then get on track with week #3.

Last week's topic was the alphabet: pick 1 letter and 13 terms beginning with that letter to describe you. I decided to pick the letter B.

1. Ben's wife - or wifey, as he likes to put it
2. Bryn's mommy
3. Baby Shay's mommy too
4. babysitter of Bekah and brother Levi
5. baby-lover.... I do want more someday
6. Bible believer
7. best darn former English teacher ZCHS has ever seen :)
8. book lover, though rarely reader (sadly)
9. blogger--every day this month
10. busting my butt to clean up millions of toys several times daily
11. bark-silencer (I wish) for Dagny and Tela
12. brave (or perhaps crazy) to be traveling for the next 2 weekends with babies
13. buddy to many

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