Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #1

I was recently introduced to the "Thursday Thirteen" through my friend Corie's blog. Basically, the author of the original site ( posts a topic each week, and every Thursday, readers are to write a list of 13 items that go with the prompt. This week's topic is:

Since 144 is twelve dozen and equals a “gross”, next week will be our gross issue. Can you think of a gross Thursday Thirteen? Use any definition of “gross” to create your own unique Thursday Thirteen.

So here's my list, which is "13 Gross Things About My Day."

1. the empty lot behind my house, where bulldozers have been working all day in preparation for laying a foundation for a new house

2. Bekah's many trips to the potty this morning

3. the huge chuck of hair that Levi pulled out of Bryn's head this morning and then deposited on the carpet while she cried

4. the upstairs of my house, following my attempt at avoiding fights by having each kid play in a different room

5. trying to nap while the kids napped, only to develop a migraine from the sound of all the construction in my backyard

6. Bryn's after-nap diaper

7. Levi's after-nap diaper

8. Shay's after-nap diaper

9. Bekah telling me that her "butt hurts" and asking me to put "cream" on it after her nap

10. Bekah's hands and face after eating the blue birthday cupcake that Ben picked out

11. Bryn's hands and face after eating her blue cupcake

12. Levi's entire body after eating his blue cupcake

13. my hands after cleaning up the intense cupcake mess

Now all the kids look like Smurfs!

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