Saturday, May 24, 2008

Parties and Dates

As you may remember from a previous post, Mother's Day was not so much the big occassion for me this year. We were traveling home from Peoria, and no hoopla was made. That was pretty disappointing to me, and Ben promised to make it up to me by hosting a Bryn and Shay's Mommy's Day at a later date. Somehow this morphed into an entire weekend of fun activities for me, so I think I really did get the good end of that deal, in spite of having to wait a bit longer.

I woke up this morning with sunshine coming in the windows. This was wonderful, because while babysitting, I get up before the sun comes up. Plus the last few days have been cloudy, gray, and gross, so this was a good omen on all fronts. Yesterday was my official last day of both babysitting and online grading, so I am now in summertime! Today was the first day that our neighborhood pool has been open, and while we had too much else planned (and it was too chilly) to swim, we did pick up our keycards and are very excited about future outings.

This morning we attended our friend Hannah's 2nd birthday party, which was big fun. Basically as soon as we walked through the door, Bryn took off to play with all of Hannah's toys. We actually had to convince her to come and eat cake and ice cream. This gave us some time to sit and actually talk with our friends Rob and Andrea, as well as the party's other guests, which was nice. Andrea had outdone herself by creating this amazing cake in the shape of Elmo's face, frosted to look just like him, and the kids were very excited about that. We actually had to forcibly carry Bryn out the door at the end of the party; she was having too much fun to want to leave!

After naps all around, my friend/former student Ben W (known around our house as Ben2) came over to babysit the girls, and husband Ben and I went out for a date night. This is a rare occurance for us, and we savored every moment of it. We went out to eat at Monical's Pizza, which anyone from Peoria can surely appreciate! We then went out to the movies and used free passes that we had been hoarding to see "Prince Caspian."

Now, as an English teacher and a book lover, I am most often disappointed by books that are made into movies. The movie is simply never as good as the book. It never lives up to my expectations. But, if truth be told, I didn't have very high expectations for "Prince Caspian." While "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" was good, "Prince Caspian" has always been my least favorite book of the Narnia series. I have actually been known to simply skip that book altogther when rereading the series, which isn't something I hardly ever allow myself to do, even with "The Long Winter" when rereading the Little House on the Prairie books. I primarily don't like "Prince Caspian" because it doesn't have much plot compared to the others; it's basically this: evil uncle tries to usurp the throne, Prince Caspian discovers original Narnians, and Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy return to Narnia to save the day. Certainly not terrible, but not anywhere near as good as the other books.

After seeing the movie, though, I stand corrected. I think this may actually have been the first time I thought that a movie was better than a book. It was very well done. The special effects were good, the scenery was gorgeous, and seeing it on the big screen (where we have basically not seen anything since the birth of Bryn) made it even better. I highly recommend the movie to all of you. Definitely worth the money.... or in our case, free passes.

At any rate, it's a good thing that Ben and I had a good time on our date night, because we found poor Ben2 highly stressed when we got home. Bryn had wet through her pants onto the couch and then flatly refused to go to bed, so she was still up watching "Aladdin" when we got home at 10:00. Ben2 was standing with Shay, rocking her back and forth, because this was the only way that he had discovered to keep her from crying. She's feeling pretty cruddy with teething these days, and apparently she had screamed her little head off all night for Ben2. I felt terrible for having left him with such a mess on his hands, but he reassured me that he still loves our daughters and would be happy to come back any time. Phew. So now it's 11:00, we have gotten both girls to bed, Ben and the dogs have fallen asleep as well, and I am diligently posting my blog before going to sleep, as it is still May (the month of NaBloPoMo) and I cheated (however unintentionally) last weekend. Now that my duty is done, I too am off to bed!


SlyGly said...

I appreciate your insight on the Caspian movie. I wasn't planning on seeing it because I feel precisely the same way as you described about the book. Maybe I will now. But I CANNOT WAIT for the movie version of Dawn Treader.

Kathy said...

I'm glad Ben planned a nice mother's day weekend for you and your date sounds fun!

Melissa said...

The Long Winter is one of my favorite Laura Ingalls books! Well, its probably been about 20 years since I've read them, so maybe I just don't remember it that well. Farmer Boy would probably be the one I would skip :)

Glad you had a good weekend!