Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day (kind of)

The following is a transcription of my actual hand-drawn Mother's Day card from the girls (with a little help from Ben, I think!):


Shay and I are really embarrassed of our Daddy, and wanted to let you know that we love you very much! If we were old enough to have allowances or to shop on our own, we would have bought you something special enough to convince you we know how wonderful you are. As is, he let us color on this card, and promise to make it up to in two weeks. He's a boob, mom, and we wouldn't blame you for leaving him.

Bryn & Shay

P.S. you are the best mom ever!

When I told Ben that I was transcribing this card onto the blog, he said, "Well, I deserve it. After all, I didn't get you anything." I would like to publically state that embarrassment was NOT my intention in posting this. I actually thought the card was super cute. To which Ben replies, "At least you married someone with a sense of humor." A self-depracating sense of humor, it seems.

But really, since we spent all morning in Peoria and all afternoon in the car, we had decided to celebrate our own holiday (aka "Bryn and Shay's Mommy's Day) two weeks from now, when we are actually at home and can enjoy some time together as a family. So I may have to wait a bit longer than most for my mommy celebration, but I am sure that it will be absolutely fantastic when it does occur. So thank you in advance to my wonderful husband and daughters for not just one, but two days of mommy love!


Melissa said...

Happy mother's day!

The first time I met Ben, it all clicked and I knew he was the one for you. I'm so happy that you met and are living happily ever after!

The card is cute; can't wait to see how you celebrate in 2 weeks.

libby said...

haha, i think my favorite is that he referred to himself as a boob - the only one in the house who will thus far be without said anatomical part! :)

Kathy said...

that's so hilarious!