Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mean Girls

It's funny to me how young kids start being "mean" to each other. Bekah, Bryn, and Levi fight over toys all the time. I think it must be an inborn instinct: "Someone else has that toy, so it must be the best one, and therefore I will fight to get it." It's certainly not just these kids; Bryn also fights with Chris, Emily, and Hannah over toys whenever they're together. Hmm.... or maybe it's just Bryn. :)

Bekah's parents are teaching her the names of different emotions, so she really likes to talk about her feelings. Last week, she was "angry" all week. Like, she'd be playing happily, and out of the blue, she would look up and say, "I am angry," then go back to playing. It kind of concerned me the first few times she did it, since I wasn't sure if something was actually wrong, but once I figured out what was going on, it was kind of cute. Anyway, one morning last week, at about 7:30 am, Bekah turned to me, put on her mad face, and said, "I am very angry with Bryn!" Now, Bryn was still fast asleep, so Bekah had not seen her yet that day, so I don't know what they could possibly have been fighting over yet. :) So I asked Bekah why she was angry with Bryn, and she replied very earnestly, "Because she was doing it!" I asked for clarification, but Bekah lost interest in our discussion and went back to playing. So apparently Bekah just felt that in case there should be a fight later, she needed to establish that she was in the right because she approached me first!

Now, this cuts both ways. Bryn has become very used to the principle of "finger-pointing," meaning "it's not my fault!" in any circumstance. Over the weekend, our family piled into "Nana's car" (which is what Bryn calls the van) in order to drive to Peoria. Ben had removed the back seat in order to make room for all our junk. Bryn became very concerned when she realized that a whole seat was missing, and very soberly told me, "Bekah broke Nana's car!" She repeated this several times to both me and Ben, all while pointing at the empty back area and looking very innocent and concerned. Now, obviously, the car was not broken, and Bekah had clearly had nothing to do with the removal of the seat. I think Bryn just wanted to be sure she didn't get blamed for it, and she decided to use Bekah as a scapegoat!

Isn't it funny how early we develop that "don't blame me" mentality? I'm fully expecting Shay's first words to be, "Mommy, it's all Bryn's fault!" :)


Kathy said...

ha; love the last line

Melissa said...

Howler monkey babies and juveniles fight too. I'm not sure what they are fighting about, since they do not have toys. They generally amuse themselves by hanging by their tails and wrestling, but sometimes it is a fine line between "playing" and real, true "aggression." The only siblings I observed were Horace (big brother) and Toby (baby sister, named before I realized she was a girl). Horace was probably about 18 months old when Toby was born. He didn't really help take care of her, but he would sit there next to Toby and his mom (Matilda) all the time. I think he was a pretty good brother.

Hope your little monkeys all get along as well as Horace and Toby!

Anonymous said...

When I was about 3 I wrote my sister's name on the wall and then told my mom that she did it. She was 6 months old!

Almost done!!!! - Suellen

Anonymous said...

Since I didn't have siblings, I used to blame my cousins for things - even when they lived in Chicago or St. Louis and we lived in Dunlap... - Ashley :)

Andrea said...

I assure you that it is not just Bryn. Hannah "needs" everything everyone else has. Yesterday Abby had a stick, so Hannah needed one too and we couldn't leave the park until we found another one. LOL