Monday, May 19, 2008

Lack of Blogging

Well, it looks like I have failed in my goal of blogging every day this month. I really did have the best of intentions. We were in Peoria over the weekend for my stepsister Lindsay's high school graduation from good old DHS. In spite of my intense exhaustion after a lengthy car ride with the girls (during which I had to entertain Bryn by singing every children's song I know--which is quite a lot, after 10 years at Camp Tecumseh), after we got settled in at my mom's house, I dutifully headed down the basement and fired up the 1998 iMac. To my horror, I discovered that my mom has cancelled her home internet service, as she just does everything she needs at work. Therefore, I could not check email, blog, play on Facebook, or read any of your blogs for the entire weekend. Quitting cold turkey was hard. They should make a patch or something for that.

I actually did consider going over to my dad's house to use his internet, but as they were in a flurry of preparations for Lindsay's graduation party, I didn't think that was in the best interest of anyone's sanity. So, you will all just have to forgive me for the lack of blogging over the weekend.

Now that I've explained all that, on to the weekend itself..... Thankfully, this trip to Peoria did include more down time than last weekend's whirlwind. We were able to spend some time visiting with all our relatives. I worked on cleaning out my old room, which it turns out will be a far bigger project than I had anticipated, as my packrat tendencies developed early in life. The girls got naps on both Saturday and Sunday (me included), and Ben had some major bonding time with my mom's new huge flatscreen tv. Aside from the actual driving back and forth, it was a pretty relaxing weekend.

On Saturday, we attended my cousin Taylor's graduation party. It was really nice to get to see all my aunts, uncles, and cousins and introduce them to Shay. Even my cousin Bridgette was there, along with her son Christopher. Even though Chris will be four next month, I had never met him (Bridgette lives in Arizona, and we never seem to make it home on the same schedule). Chris and Bryn eyeballed each other warily for the first half hour and then tentatively worked out some sort of agreement as to the sharing of the toy trucks and the soccer ball. Bryn again followed my cousin Nate around all afternoon. He handled it pretty gracefully; I mean, not all 9-year-olds have their very own 2-year-old fan club!

We didn't attend the actual graduation on Sunday, as we figured that the babies would be more of a distraction than anything else. Plus DHS has started having their graduation outside in the football stadium, and it was kind of chilly and windy. So we just headed over to the house afterwards for the graduation party. It was really fun; we got to meet all of Lindsay's extended family, and there were plenty of other kids around for Bryn to play with. In this case, of course, "play" means "fight over balloons." Shay was having such a nice time being carried around by her grandparents that she wouldn't even take a nap. It was a little after 8:00 our time when we finally departed.

The ride home felt long. The girls slept for the first leg, which was really nice, since it gave Ben and I a chance to talk. After that, though, Bryn woke up, and woke Shay with her crying. We had another few rounds of the Mommy Music Box before Bryn declared "no more song, Mommy." Thank goodness. Then she demanded that I hold her, so we stopped for gas and a cuddle. Then she pointed at the gas station and started begging for a sandwich. Really? A sandwich from a gas stations? At 10:00 at night? We decided to pick up some popcorn chicken at a nearby Arby's instead. She was initially very excited about this and wanted to eat it right away, but it was too hot, and then she lost interest and spent the next half hour sobbing, "No! No chicken!" We eventually placated her by turning on one of the interior lights and having me read stories to her. This got us back to Brownsburg, where she collapsed gratefully into her own bed shortly after midnight. Shay was mostly good for the car ride, as long as I kept contorting myself to turn around in my seat and keep a constant stream of bottle flowing into her mouth. The way that girl eats (drinks, I guess, at this stage), I simply don't understand why she's so skinny!

Anyway, it is now Monday morning. Shay is taking yet another bottle, and I have given in to Bryn's begging to watch the "beast" (this would be "Beauty and the Beast"). I'm now faced with the difficult decision as to whether I should unpack from our trip or catch up on all of your blogs... hmm....


Melissa said...

what a weekend! i wish i had known you were out on the road; you would have been more than welcome to stop and relax or even stay the night at my place! i could definitely have made Bryn a sandwich (with no chicken) at 10pm.

anyway, glad i made it back in one piece. i have to admit, i was checking your blog like every 5 minutes all weekend, getting worried when i didn't see any posts!

Kathy said...

sounds fun!

Cathy said...

Forget's all about the blogging. Blogging keeps us sane. Pop in a video and they're happy. As I type, the boys are curled up on the bed, up to their eyeballs in Word World. Sorry about the crazy drives, it will be nice when they can invent one of those Star Trek things that can just "Beam" you to the state, country, or ship of your choice.

SlyGly said...

No big deal about the blogless weekend- this post was worthy enough to cover it.

Sometimes, I open the fridge late at night, poke around the leftovers, and also say, "No! No chicken!" Sometimes it is one of those nights.

SlyGly said...

Oh yeah, and you're tagged for a meme!:

Do it if you want, or not!