Thursday, May 29, 2008

How Our Lives Are Like "Friends"

I realize that today is supposed to be a Thursday Thirteen. I'm feeling a little disgruntled with the T13 though, because I thought that they provided a topic each week for me to make my list about, but apparently such is not the case.

So, I have a very short list this week. It's How Our Lives Are Like an Epsiode of "Friends." Bryn has done some really funny things lately that have made me think of specific episodes of the show, so I'll make the list as long as I can. Then it is up to you, faithful readers, to leave further examples in the "Comments" section until we manage to collectively make it a Thursday Thirteen (sneaky, I know).

1. Shortly after Ross and Rachel break up, she goes out on a date with Mark. Ross sees them leaving for the date and then spends the rest of the night looking out Chandler and Joey's peephole to spy on them when they return. When they do eventually get back, they go into Monica and Rachel's apartment, and Ross tries to come up with an excuse for going over there and breaking up the date. He concludes, "Juice! I need juice!" When Chandler tries to stop him, he lunges for the door, yelling, "The people need juice!" I think of this episode every time Bryn screams, "NEED juice!" In instances like this, I often reply with "The people NEED juice!" and she just looks at me blankly before shoving her cup at me.

2. In season 2, while he is starring in "Days of our Lives," Joey briefly moves into his own apartment. Chandler gets a new (crazy) roommate named Eddie. One morning, Joey drops by the apartment and is distressed at all the things that have changed, such as where the mail is kept and what style of eggs Chandler eats. The final straw, though, is when he picks up the juice carton and it is empty. Another instance of "I NEED juice" occurs. Same connection as above. Not as funny, but we just watched that episode this week, so it came to mind.

3. In one of the later seasons, Joey tries out for a play in which he has to speak French. He hires Phoebe to teach him. He does great at repeating each syllable back to her, but when she asks him to repeat entire phrases, he comes up with things like "eau de foof" and is convinced that he's actually speaking perfect French, while Phoebe becomes more and more frustrated. Unfortunately, this is much the same experience that we have when trying to teach Bryn her letters and numbers. (Side note: I blame Ben for this, because he messed her up at the very beginning by thinking that he was funny in singing her the alphabet song as "t-y-x-q-8-4-g..", simply reading off the order in which her alphabet blocks happened to fall.) Anyway, I now spend a rather significant portion of my day saying the letters one by one and having Bryn repeat them. When I ask her to say "ABC" though, she gets a big grin and says something along the lines of "G4T." She seems to be all proud of herself, like she thinks she's really doing it.

4. In season 2 (I think), Monica and Rachel babysit Ben for the day. While swinging him around, Monica bangs his head on the wall. He then spends the rest of the episode saying "Monica bang!" while the girls try to convince him not to "tattle" on them to Ross. This makes me laugh because Bryn has recently taken a few brief forays into the world of tattling. My favorite was yesterday, when she came running to me to tell me that "Shay pull Brynie's hair!"

5. In one of the later seasons, Chandler and Monica are supposed to be babysitting Emma. They manage to lose her, and Monica has just called Rachel to break the news when Joey carries Emma in. Monica says, "Oh, Emma! Thank God! There you are!" Rachel kind of freaks out, and Monica responds with, "Um, we were playing hide and seek. She just loves it when I'm dramatic!" Bryn has recently started playing hide and seek (again, counting like 8-3-4-2) and the more dramatic we are upon discovery, the more she loves the game. Shay also likes peekaboo, and she likes it best when her drama queen sister is the one playing it with her.

6. When Ross is dating Emily (or actually married to her, I think), she wants him to move to London. He says he can't, because his son is in New York. But in order to save the relationship, he then tries to to convince Carol and Susan that they should move to London as well, so Ben can go with him. They're in the midst of firmly telling him no, when Ben comes in and Ross says in a very excited voice, "Hey, we're moving to London! Hooray! Let's go back!" and Ben gets all excited. Ross is like, "See, Ben wants to go!" and Susan replies dryly, "Yeah, because we leave all our big decisions to the two-year-old." I have actually found myself using this line often in the past few months, whenever Bryn is being really insistent about something, I'm saying no, and someone else (ahem, Daddy) wants to give in.

All right, I got you almost halfway there..... so now you all need to leave some comments to get us up to 13 examples!


Jenibug7 said...

In one season, some of the friends go on a show like American Dance Fever or something and they are trying to get on camera. Monica and Ross break out into the "routine"- like everyone who read my blog was supposed to have put a video of themselves doing the soulja-boy dance. But nobody did. lol

Melissa said...

I don't know Friends well enough to make comparisons with your life, but I did think your list was really funny!

Got to go. The people need juice.

Kathy said...

lol you have an amazing memory

Cathy said...

I adore Friends. Lately, Eric and I have been escaping reality by daydreaming. Just like when Monica and Chandler were discussing a romantic trip to Paris. Chandler steps toward Monica, takes her into his arms, and says, "...Along the Rue de la Blah Blah Blah." He speaks French about as well as Joey, and about as well as Eric and I. Eric and I often speak about the Rue de la Blah blah blah.