Sunday, May 04, 2008


This was quite a big weekend in the MeyPfan household. We had Shaylee's baby dedication today at church. Basically, this is comparable to an infant baptism, except that there's no water. :) It means that our family stood in front of the church and committed to raising Shay in a Christian household. (I actually had two lengthly paragraphs of theological explanation written here, then went back and deleted it, since that wasn't what I intended this post to be about.)

My mom and both of Ben's parents came over to celebrate the occassion with us. Yesterday also happened to be Bryn's 2 1/2 year birthday, so we were able to make a bit of a big deal out of her as well. All the parents were thrilled with how big Shay is getting and how much Bryn is talking these days. We certainly have two cute girls!

Here's a photo of our family outside the church after the ceremony. I cannot even convey to you how hard it was to get Bryn to hold still and look at the camera even this long when there was a fountain with real running water in the background--all she wanted to do was play with that! Bryn was actually quite the challenge this whole weekend. She cried all through dinner last night, because she was afraid of the fire on the tables at the Japanese steakhouse. Then she kicked, squirmed, and cried into my ear throughout the entire dedication; as a result, I missed most of what Pastor Steve said. She also comandeered the rose that I received at the start of the ceremony and proceeded to whack me with it repeatedly. Then she fussed through the rest of the service, the pictures afterwards, and the ride home. While the doting grandmas didn't think it was that bad and kept telling Bryn what a good girl she is, Ben and I figured that someday, when telling Shay about her dedication, we'll have to tell her that her big sister tried to steal the show. Of course, by then, that probably won't be anything new to her!

And here's our well-behaved little angel. Shay was so good for the entire service. She smiled and watched Pastor Steve very intently, as if she was trying to take it all in. Of course, this is characteristic of her--Shay is a very good baby. Although she is crying more these days due to some intense teething, she is normally an incredibly good baby, rarely fussing and always smiling. She is such a sweet, easygoing little girl. Ben and I joke that Shay is God's way of making up to us for our terribly two-year-0ld. :)
So, in short, we had a wonderful visit with both sides of the family, and both girl received plenty of attention and cuddling. A good but tiring weekend!

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Kathy said...

I love the family picture! Congrats to you guys and Shay; what a special day!

I also have to comment that I've never seen Shay be anything but an angel! It's quite amazing.