Monday, May 05, 2008

Almost Forgot

I was actually in bed, petting Tela and just starting to get all comfy, when I suddenly remembered my goal to blog every day this month, and my utter lack of posting today. So with a heavy sigh, I dragged myself out of bed and came down to the computer. My friend Melissa, she trains for marathons. Ryan and Kathy built their own deck. Cathy, Kathleen, and Corie just did cleaning overhauls of their houses. My next-door neighbors are pursuing additional college degrees. Me? I blog every day. You gotta have a dream, right? :) So maybe this is cheating a little bit, since I don't have much of a topic or really anything to say tonight, but I at least want you all to know that I'm making an effort.... lol.

P.S. A special note to my friend Libby: I think you are wonderful, and I am proud to post that on the internet for all to see. You are an amazing person with a clear calling and a true talent. No matter what bad happens, I promise to redeem your trip to Indiana with good food and good fellowship. And a long nap if we can swing it. :)


Kathy said...

I appreciate your blogging effort!

but don't forget the "taking care of 4 kids, 2 dogs, and a big house!" :)

Anonymous said...

I wondered what you were doing as I stumbled up to bed... I love you, and think that you have some amazing dedication that most here don't ever get to see. -Ben

libby said...

you. are. incredible. thank you (4 days later...)