Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We Enjoy Cult Followings

Okay, not really, so please no one worry about us. We are not buying into any kind of creepy religious cult or moving to a compound anywhere (at least until the Dunlap Clan purchases one). However, we ARE huge fans of Dave Ramsey, his Finacial Peace University, and his Total Money Makeover. Several of our local friends tease us and say that we have joined the Dave Ramsey Cult. To quote our friend Mike, "Yeah, we were thinking about joining up, getting our tattoos and our robes and all that, but then we decided we weren't ready to take the plunge." Ha ha ha.

But Dave Ramsey certainly does promote a lifestyle that is quite different from how the majority of the American population is living today. Life without debt? No credit cards? Sizable savings accounts? Crazy stuff. As of last week, Ben and I are now FPU graduates, so you will have to excuse us for overusing the phrase "Dave Ramsey says...." in everyday conversation.

So now that we are on our way to a complete financial makeover, I figured that meant that I had just moved up a rung on the ladder of organization. In fact, I have always prided myself on being organized; whenever I have to fill out one of those self-analysis sheets that asks for my greatest strengths, I list "organization" as mine. So when my MOPS group announced that this week's topic would be tips for organization, I went into the meeting feeling pretty smug. To quote Ben, "So are you going to lead the meeting or what?"

Well, let me tell you, I came out of that meeting completely humbled. The tips that these other mothers had for organization in daily life blew me out of the water. I was taking notes so fast that I got a hand cramp. And best of all, the moms at that meeting introduced me to FlyLady and her website.

This woman is the Queen of Home Organization. She neatly lays out "Baby Steps to Success" and then offers daily challenges for home cleaning and organization. Step 1 is to clean your kitchen sink. She even gives directions on how to do it. So I did it, and my sink looks better now than the day we moved in. I HIGHLY recommend to anyone who is looking to get their homes under control and their lives organized. Ben says he thinks that this FlyLady stuff is just as cult-like as Dave Ramsey, but he loves that I have a plan and am now not just throwing random tasks left and right at him, so he concluded, "I think we like cults." So there you go.

Isn't it gorgeous?


Anonymous said...

Ok, I have to forward this to my sil and bil, the ORIGINAL dave ramsey cult followers :) We'll get you a Dave Ramsey ornament for your Christmas tree this year. Or at least a bobble head :) lol... Actually, his radio show is a stitch AND he draws some neat Scriptures from the Bible out for everyday application ... and attitude application! LOVE/NEED that!!!! :) Yay for you guys!!! Love, C

SlyGly said...

That sink is beautiful. I think that I have cleaned mine twice in two years. Maybe I'll look into that website.

Cathy said...

Go Girl! You got your shoes on too?

How are you feeling? Better I hope now that you have a happy sink!

Kathy said...

I'm checking it out - thanks for the rec!

Krysten said...

I have no idea who Dave Ramsey is, but we are steadily working our way to financial freedom - I hope! I made my final car payment this month, so I actually own something that cost a sizeable amount of money! Cool!

I am very impressed with your sink too. If you'll be making any home visits, you are welcome to come and clean my sink.

Maybe as I move into even more of a "nesting" phase this summer I will check into the website and see what other lovely things I can accomplish during my home days. I'm sure I'll need something to keep me occupied!

PG Wolfe said...

I enjoy listening to Dave Ramsey, too. I've never attended his seminars as I was never in debt (other than a mortgage). I have read a few of his books. I agree with a lot of what he says, but also disagee on some. I'm not saying I know more than DR, but instead his advice is for the masses... I am one of those rare individuals who is very disciplined. I do have credit cards (4). I use them for everything, but I do pay them off every month. Yesterday, I bought a car. My downpayment was on my credit card because I am waiting for the money to transfer from one account to another. I put $10,000 on my credit card as a downpayment!! Believe me, the bill will be paid as soon as I receive it. Since I get cash back, I reduced the total cost of the car by $100. In today's economy, I'll take that!

going places mommy said...

The sink is beautiful!
Good luck on your journey to financial freedom. Baby steps!

Melissa said...

That is a gorgeous sink. Your post inspired me to "shine" my own sink. Unfortunately, it never really looked that different. This leads me to believe that either: A) My sink is always that clean -or- B) I didn't do a very good job of shining it.

amypfan said...

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