Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Her Grace

I've lately been trying to find time to sit down and do a "Shay only" blog, and since this request has recently been echoed by the grandmas, I'm giving up valuable nap time to do it. :) So here it is, an entire post dedicated just to her "Her Grace," which is what Ben and I have taken to calling our little princess.

Last week, Andrea and I packed up the girls and took them all to the Children's Museum. We went in the morning, instead of our usual afternoon outing, and were shocked at the amount of rowdy school groups that were there, running over our (much smaller) children. Shay, however, took it all in stride. This was the first outing in which I have carried her in the Baby Bjorn instead of just using the double stroller. While the Bjorn did do a number on my back (which is why I had avoided using it until now), Shay loved it. She thought it was great to be able to cuddle Mommy while looking around at all the people. Eventually, she got tired out from all the excitement and just snoozed as we walked around. Here, you see us taking a time-out for the all-important bottle. Check out those little chicken legs sticking out of her pajamas! (note to grandmothers: yes, I had both socks and booties on her this day, so there was no danger of her catching cold--they just fell off shortly before this picture was taken)

Shaylee has also really started enjoying her play mat in the last few weeks. She especially likes to lie on her back and grab for the animals, which she has become quite good at. She seems especially intrigued by the elephant, which is, unfortunately, the one that hangs down the least, but she has made several very valiant efforts at grabbing it. The monkey and the parrot are old friends, as she can get them almost every time. I also laid her on the mat for tummy time the other day. Normally she cannot stand laying on her stomach, unless I lay flat on the ground and lay her on my belly and make funny faces at her for the duration. But on the day in question, she was really interested in the pink flowers on the mat, which light up when you set it to play music. She kept grabbing at them, then accidentally rolling onto her back and looking around like, "how did I get here? I don't want the animals--I want the flower!" So I'd flip her back onto her belly, she'd reach for the flowers again, repeat process. Pretty cute. :)

This is my personal favorite picture, taken just last night. We've got cabin fever now that the sun has started to come out more, so even though it was still pretty chilly last night, the four of us bundled up and went for a family walk around the neighborhood. I just love how adorable Shay looks in her little hat and gloves. She is now agile enough that she can push aside the Bundle Me when we have it pulled all the way up to keep her face warm. As often as I pull it up to try to keep her warm, she shoves it aside so she can see the world, then grins like she's incredibly proud of herself. Quite the clever little girl!

This attractive shot was taken last night after Shay's bath. Ben was in a musical sort of mood, and he paraded her up and down the countertop while singing "walk like a little baby" to the tune of "Walk Like an Egyptian." Shay and I both think her daddy is pretty funny. :) At any rate, Her Grace has awoken from her nap as I have been writing this, and it's pretty hard to type one-handed while administering a bottle, so I'll sign off.


Kathy said...

cute!! I love the bundled up pic and love the spiked hair!

Andrea said...

Too cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having such beautiful babies [just for me] to cuddle! See you tomorrow!

Gma D