Sunday, March 02, 2008

February in Review

I've sort of been slacking on the blog this month, so I thought you could all use an update. With the first of the year, I started keeping calendars for the girls. Basically, I fill in the square for that day at night before I go to bed, just making a note about something they did that day. I figure they'll really like having them when they get older. Plus, bonus, it will make it easier for me to fill in the baby book whenever I get around to that..... probably when Shay is like five years old.... lol.

Anyway, in lieu of my slight blogging hiatus, here's what happened this month:

1- Bryn loves to sit next to Shay at pat her on the head
2 - Shay is very smily and friendly
3 - first time in the nursery at church
4 - baby's first illness--cough and cold
5 - Jennie M babysits Shay while Mommy takes Bryn for a swim lesson
6 - up coughing in the night
7 - Dr. Z sends Shay to the St. Vincent pediatric ER; she is admitted to the hospital with RSV
8 - in the hospital, all the nurses rave about how Shay is so well-behaved and so beautiful
9 - at home; still coughing but seems to feel better
10 - Daddy's 27th birthday
11 - non-stop bottles!
12 - laughs when tickled
13 - rolls from stomach to back
14 - enjoys laying on animal play mat and grasping at toys
15 - held by many adoring fans at Girls' Awakening opening
16 - Nana, Papa, and Ginger visit
17 - still a little wheezy
18 - out for coffee with Mr. Zionsville girls, who all fight over turns to hold her
19 - gurgles and coos in response, like making conversation
20 - attends first church community group with Mommy and Daddy
21 - out to lunch with Ben W; very smily and likes to watch ceiling fans
22 - eyes leaking sticky fluid
23- Bryn loves to kiss Shay
24 - amuses herself on play mat; Bryn tries to share toys with Shay
25 - too long for almost all 0-3 month clothes
26- cradle cap treated with baby oil--what a greasy mess!
27 - 3 months old; rides around Children's Museum in Baby Bjorn
28- laughs out loud when Daddy shakes a rattle toy for her
29- doesn't like mini-Boppy for tummy time

1- likes to sit next to Shay and pat her on the head
2- likes to read "I'd Be Your Princess"
3- tells Daddy "want night-night" when tired
4- likes to read "Fox in Socks" by Dr. Seuss
5- Bryn's first swim lesson at Krannert Park indoor pool--loves it! "want more water"
6- "want fun!"
7- Shay sick with RSV and in the hospital; Bryn gets motion sickness and throws up in the car on the way home from taking Shay to the ER
8- watchs "Monsters Inc" with Mommy and Daddy and wants "more Boo;" meets Pacers players and cheerleaders at hospital
9- likes to "share" toys with Shay to show her how they work
10- enjoys having Daddy work in the Turtles classroom with her at church; Daddy's 27th birthday
11- "Where Daddy?" "Oh.... work." --first two sentences of the morning
12- watches "Sesame Street" to see Elmo
13- calls poo "pee-pee"
14- "I want pick!" --when asking to select her own socks in the morning
15- goes with Mommy to Girls' Awakening opening; tries to follow big girls into retreat and cries when Mommy won't let her go
16- Nana, Papa, and Ginger visit
17- wears her pink silky Easter dress over her footie pajamas and twirls around to show it off
18- refers to herself as "self," as in "no, do self!" --very independent
19- wakes up early enough that Daddy goes in to het her up before he leaves. Bryn looks confused and immediately asks, "No work?"
20- first full ponytail! Also, first community group; enjoys playing with other kids
21- out to lunch with Ben W; loves the balloon she gets at Red Robin (calls it "boon")
22- "I love my daddy."
23- "now"
24- "I love my mommy."
25- refers to herself as "big girl"
26- cries all the way to swimming--"want Shay!" Sad after we dropped Shay off with the Ms.
27- Children's Museum with Hannah E
28- cries, cuddles, and watches movies all day while drinking jice and eating ice chips--2 year molars coming in
29- counts to 3


Anonymous said...

these are great!! :) the girls will love it when they are older!! miss you... we are getting together this week- faceboooooook me! :) love you, angie

SlyGly said...

This is a great idea. My parents have little recall of me as a baby/toddler and I used to really resent that! (They confuse me with my brother or neighbors' kids.)

Andrea said...

Wow I am massively impressed. And I thought I was doing good when I actually took the time to throw a few pics on my blog yesterday. ;)

Kathy said...

Wow Amy! That's a great idea. I'll definitely be stealing it someday.

Kathy said...

Too bad we couldn't have some kind of "craft night" once a month...where we work on books, sewing, random could widdle away at your baby book...hmmmm :)

Anonymous said...

Once again, you've outdone us all :) I'm pretty sure I stopped recording "1sts" when she got her first tooth in. "I want Jesus!" is just precious. Pretty sure that might have qualified as her first alter call. lol... Shay is simply ADORABLE! Her little fuzzy head makes me smile every time I see it! What a beautiful, beautiful baby! You guys are going to be the future populators of Miss Indiana and Mr Zionsville I think :) Did I mention we're finally moving our junk out of your basement? It is sooooo expensive! I hate paying $2500 to move some boxes full of ... well ... not $2500 worth of stuff for sure. Just sentimental mostly. Anyway ... I'll let you know as soon as we get some tentative dates ... that should add around 40 square feet to your basement. :) What are you up to these days? Are you working at all? How's the "new" (I guess not so much anymore) church? Ok, gotta run. Have a good one - C