Sunday, March 09, 2008


This week has really held a lot of cuteness at the MeyPfan house, particularly in the form of our ever-tempermental two-year-old. A few examples:

Bryn and I have been taking swim lessons at a local park. It's not like she's actually learning how to swim; it's more about getting her comfortable in the water and giving her some one-on-one time without Shay around (although this has proved to be not all that effective, since she typically cries "want Shay!" all the way there and all the way back from lessons). She definitely loves the water, and I have been the recipient of many enthusiastic splashes.

We also got out Bryn's training potty for the first time this week. I don't think she's actually ready for potty-training yet, as evidenced by the fact that she wet through her pants in the first five minutes she was in the church nursery this weekend and was absolutely unfazed by that. Bryn has no problem with continuing to play in soaking wet pants and sometimes even yells at me when I try to change her. But we wanted to get the potty out to start getting her used to the idea, so that when she is ready to learn, she'll be comfortable with it. You can see that she is quite the multi-tasking lady already, as she is talking on the phone here while sitting on the potty.

Speaking of multi-tasking, here's our little helper in action. While enjoying her own sippy cup, Bryn decided that her sister needed to partake in some refreshment as well, so she started giving Shay her bottle. Very efficient. The girls were happy, and Mommy and Daddy enjoyed the break.

We babysat our friend Christopher on Thursday and Friday while Eric was at work and Cathy was on a retreat. On Friday afternoon, Bryn and Chris did pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen. Lately, Bryn has taken to carrying around this little pink Bible that my friend Maria gave her when she was born. She has done this all on her own, with absolutely no coercion from me or Ben, although I do think the fact that the kids get to hold their own little Bibles during the lesson time in Sunday school helps. She loves to sit and "read" it, turning the pages and looking at the pictures of Jesus in the front and back. Well, Chris decided that he wanted to read the Bible too, so I got him another little one off our bookshelf. Here are our two little scholars in action. I hope they always keep this childlike faith and love for God!

Finally, here's my little cutie, reclining in her doll's crib while reading her Bible. This picture just cracks me up--she looks so comfy and happy! It makes me want to curl up with a good book too. :)

Last weekend held a visit from my mom and sister, which basically involved eating ourselves silly on a variety of yummy local restaurants. After returning to Illinois, my sister turned around and drove back here Tuesday night (through a huge snowstorm) in order to go to two job interviews in Indy on Wednesday. Then today, Ben and I and the the girls drove up to Kokomo to meet his parents (who had driven down from Elkhart) in order to trade cars. For the next few months, Helen will be driving my Jeep and has graciously loaned me her van. This is because starting next Thursday, I'll be watching two more kiddos during the day. One of my friends from church is going back to work, so I'm going to babysitting her kids until the end of the school year. The little girl, Bekah, will be 3 next month, and the little boy, Levi, is 16 months (born the November between Bryn and Shay). Well, four carseats won't fit in my beloved Jeep, so for the next few months, anyway, I will be joining the ranks of mini-van moms. Scary!


Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

great update, Amy!

Anonymous said...

these pictures are amazing! i especially like the one of bryn drinking her own sippy cup while feeding shay! sooooooo cute!! and the bible reading... so great!!! =) can't wait until i get out so we can hang out!! love you!! -angie

Anonymous said...

The pics and stories are great! You girls look like mermaids in the water. Glad y'all are enjoyng yourselves in all these activities.

Melissa said...

Good luck with all of that.

Miss you!

libby said...

O.M.G. you are crazy! :) I can't wait to meet the newest curmudgeon in your household! :)