Friday, March 28, 2008

4 Months Old

We took Shaylee to Dr Z yesterday for her four month check-up. It absolutley astounds me to think that she's 4 months already. Didn't I just have her??? At any rate, the diagnosis is that she is healthy and developing exactly as she should. Her head is 16 inches around, which puts her in the 50th percentile for her age, which is just great by me--none of this crazy 99th percentile like her sister Bryn! Shay is measuring 25 inches long (which puts her in the 90th percentile) and weighs in at 12 pounds 10 ounces (which puts her in the 45th percentile). Looks like this one is on track to become tall and skinny! Maybe this strategy of Shay just wearing all of Bryn's old clothing won't work long term! We got the green light to go ahead and start rice cereal with Shay, so we will probably do that next week.

As always, the doctor and nurses all commented on what a sweet, smily, happy baby Shay is. Bryn was that way as a baby too, but she got much more shy as she got older, culminating in her current 2-year-old clinginess. I hope Shay just stays smily and sweet!!

We did portraits of Shay with our friend Kathy last week, and they turned out amazingly well. I'd encourage you all to check them out on Kathy and Ryan's blog (link in lefthand bar), as well as admiring the rest of her photos.

And a funny story before I go.... as you may remember from several posts back ("Conversations with My Two-Year-Old" and "Update in Photos"), Bryn has been mastering the concept of Ben going to work. A few nights ago, I needed to rush out the door shortly after Ben got home in order to make it out to Zionsville to do some tutoring. As I was getting my things together, Bryn asked, "Where Mommy go?" Ben told her, "Mommy is going to work." Bryn gave him this skeptical little smirk that clearly indicated how dumb she thought he was being, and informed him,"No, Daddy work. Mommy home." She thinks she's got us all figured out! She may have a rude awakening coming if I go back to teaching next year! :)


Melissa said...

You have 2 very beautiful little girls.

If you go back to teaching, I'm sure Bryn will get used to it in no time!

Kathy said...

I can't believe she's 4 months already! Funny story about Bryn. :)

Anonymous said...

NEED MY SHAY FIX QUENCHED!!! :) photographically speaking, that is. Also, small plan change ... movers need a 2 day window, so I'm thinking June 12 & 13th (it would be one day or the other, but AJ and I have to be available both days just in case). That way, we could make sure that everything is carefully packed on the 11th and spend some QT in your basement. :) Does that work for you guys? AJ and I will probably (assuming it's ok) bring everything up from the basement and into the garage on the 11th so that you won't have moving men tromping through your house all day, disturbing dogs and babies. Anyway, let us know if it's ok to have June 11th as a work day in your basement (E's 2nd birthday!!!) and the 12th or 13th as the moving truck day. We would love to be able to stay with you guys on June 10th and 11th nights, but we are also MORE THAN HAPPY to make alternative arrangements at a hotel. Truly, no big deal either way. Elaina is going to FREAK out when she sees Bryn! She is so in love with toddlers these days. :) Anyway, let me know your thoughts on all of this so I can get back with the moving company on a final contract... THANKS! - Caroline

Anonymous said...

so not that i totally stalk u - but in reading i went to your friends photo page w/shay. and wow. those are great.. when we come to town.. can she come over? don't you think she would do a wonderful job as our reunion/kid photographer?

ok .. so maybe i just want pics of jay playin in a girls room.. but what ever! just an idea!


libby said...

yes, please! please please please. I almost picked up the phone to call you about an hour ago and realized it was probably your bed time/game night/as usual bad time to call.

I hate the timezone you all are in. I really wish your state hadn't freaking changed to a legitimate time zone. 2 hours i easier than 3! :(

ps - omg your kids are adorable! :)