Friday, February 01, 2008


I'm not sure how much these numbers will mean to many of you, but I figured at least the relatives will be mildly interested. :) We just took the girls to the doctor--Bryn for the illness mentioned a few posts ago, and Shay for her 2 month checkup. So here are their stats:

Shay is now 10 pounds and 3 ounces, which puts her almost exactly in the 50th percentile. She's a bit longer than average, measuring 23 1/4 inches. This may explain why she's outgrowing her footie pajamas at such a quick rate! Her head measured 15 1/2 inches around, which is blessedly average compared to Bryn's. She got her 2 month immunizations, and while she screamed bloody murder when getting them, she calmed down almost immediately with a bottle and didn't seem to even notice the spots or the band-aids after that.

Bryn is well on her road to recovery from her nasty infection, and although she still has an unpleasantly juicy cough, the doctor assures us that she is no longer contagious and will be as good as new shortly. Now that we're home and she's sleeping in her own bed again, she's actually gotten some rest, and this, combined with her antibiotics, has restored her usual good spirits. She weighed in at 31 pounds and measured 34 3/4 inches, just slightly above average on both counts.

Ben's been down with the flu for the last two days, but he seems to be feeling much better tonight. I've got a cold, but if that's all the worse I get after being surrounded by a sick family, I will count myself lucky. We're looking forward to a weekend of R & R, and hopefully not TOO much snow!


Kathy said...

Hope all of you feel better soon :-) What a week you've had!

Anonymous said...

Loved hearing the 'stats' on your girls.... NUMBERS,, guess it's good to keep a baseline, but babies grow up, and no two are alike..... so in the SCHEME of life, down the road, none of this will matter......... Glad for improvement with Bryn,, not fun when a little one has the PEWS!!! Bless her .... Hopefully you will ESCAPE the worst of the nasty's.... after ALL, A MOTHER can't get SICK!!!!!!!! sigh!!! I AM SOOOOOOO READY FOR SPRING--- HOW MANY MORE WEEKS YET???????? hugs to you all, Logan's grama

Yakiniku said...

Thanks for the message. Your kids are sooo cute!! Stop by any time. I would have written sooner, but my computer died. Oh well... Good luck feeling better Ben!