Friday, February 15, 2008

Conversations with My Two-Year-Old

Nearly every day now, Bryn surprises me by coming out with some new word that I didn't know she knew, or stringing words together in a brand new way. This is certainly the age of "language explosion!" I thought you would enjoy some of our most recent conversations:

The setting: getting dressed in the morning, first day of indoor swim lessons
Amy: Bryn, guess what we're going to do today!
Bryn: What?
Amy: We're going to go swimming!
Bryn: Swim!!
Amy: Would you like that?
Bryn (trying to worm her way off the changing table): Want swim!!
Amy: Wait, we have to get ready first.
Bryn (temporarily ceasing her struggles): K. (this is her shorthand for "okay," which she uses in place of "yes")
Amy (trying to make conversation while changing Bryn's clothes): Won't swimming be fun?
Bryn (redoubling her escape efforts): Want fun!
Bryn (running toward the stairs, clad in nothing but a diaper): Want fun! Want fun! Mommy come!

The setting: another morning getting ready
Amy: Bryn, it's time to get dressed now.
Bryn: No! (still her favorite word)
Amy: Come on.
(Bryn scowls, then looks down at the book in her lap, which happens to be Dr. Seuss's Fox in Socks)
Bryn: I want socks!
Amy: Okay, you can have socks, just like the fox.
(Amy reaches into the drawer and pulls out a pair of white socks)
Bryn: No! I want pick.
(bends over drawer, picks out pink socks, and angelically gets dressed without another word of complaint)

The setting: coming downstairs after naptime
Bryn stops halfway down the stairs and looks around at the empty downstairs.
Bryn: Where Daddy?
Amy: He's at work.
Bryn (wrinkling up nose and looking disgusted): Oh, work.
Bryn heaves a deep sigh, which sounds just like Ben does as he heads out in the mornings.


Ragfield said...

Rob want swim.

Kathy said...

This cracks me up! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Amy - I haven't read your stuff in awhile since my paid internet surfing has been taken away. But you have certainly had some (good/not good) excitement in your world.
I love the language explosion. . if you could only hear what comes from Jay's mouth.. you would die. Tonights was regarding "pinched, momma, pinch" If you can't guess what that was about.. let me follow with this: he then peed down his pant leg through his diaper since apparently things weren't 'arranged' approriately. Which led to a rush job out of target with wipes, diapers, and another pair of pants to pay for .. since of course, the diaper bag was in daddy's truck, not moms car.
Anyway - don't get too lonely, you aren't alone! Jarrod would love to talk to you any day - as would I, just call.

Trisha and Mr. Peabody (formerly known as Jay)