Monday, January 07, 2008

Tea Party of Six

Last night at Game Night, the boys "geeked out" (Ben's term, not mine) with some new complicated game and the girls sat around talking for a while. During this conversation, Alicia, Suellen, Cathy, and Kathy all complained that I do not post often enough. I have heard this from others as well, so perhaps my New Year's resolution (does it still count if I make it seven days in?) should be to post more often. And perhaps all of you should resolve to comment more often--it makes me happy when you do!

The featured activity of this morning was a tea party on a grand scale. Up until today, Bryn has amused herself by pouring primarily for herself, me, and Ben. Upon occassion, she generously agrees to give tea to Shay, Dagny, and Tela, as well as any visiting friends or family members. The problem with this is that grown-ups and dogs do not always enjoy the demands that Bryn puts on her guests (meaning that they get bored with this activity). So today I showed her how to set up her stuffed animals to have a tea party, and she thought this was utterly fabulous. The only problem was the Pooh kept falling over into his teacup, so we eventually had to provide him a pillow so he could rest his weary head. Otherwise, Bryn and I hosted quite the successful gathering for four of her "friends" while Shaylee slept.

Bryn spent all afternoon parading around the house in her princess outfit, this time modeled over green boys' athletic pants, producing quite the fashion statement with the blue plastic high heels. She also ate dinner in this getup, so I'm hoping I can manage to keep it off of her long enough tomorrow to remove the melon juice from the front of it!

After putting Bryn to bed, Ben gave Shay another bath in the sink. I'm not sure how well this picture shows it, but this bath made it quite obvious to us that she has grown a great deal since coming home from the hospital. When we first started bathing her in this tub, we marvelled at how itty bitty she was. Now, just a little over a month later, she is too long for the little pink tub. She was rather vocal with Ben about how unhappy she was about being squeezed in there, so it looks like her next bath will be in the regular bathtub. She's also outgrown some of her pajamas lengthwise, although she's still super skinny. Right now she and Ben are both dozing as he feeds her a bottle, so hopefully it's off to bed for all of us soon!


Kathy said...

love the tea party picture! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah for more bloging! I love every post and every picture!! Also, before I read the description of Shay in the tub, I was thinking she looked so teeny in Ben's big hands, guess it's all about the perspective. Thanks for blogging to explain. :-)

Jill said...

I agree with Pam - Yay for more blogging!I'm loving the pictures! :) - Jill