Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! Here are some of the memorable moments that 2008 has held for the MeyPfan family so far:

Here's Shay serving as a model in Bryn's fashion show.... Bryn received a stuffed horse with many dress-up accessories for Christmas from Grandma Diane. Bryn now delights in using the horse's hat (because why does a horse need a hat anyway?) to dress up her family members. Ben and I are pretty good about playing along, and the dogs have now learned just to hold still and suffer the indignity when she comes running at the with the tiny pink cowboy hat (this is also true of when she wants to serve them "tea" in her new princess cups). However, we think that Shay is really the only one that can pull off the "mini rodeo" look.

And here's Bryn showing off her new Cinderella dress, a Christmas gift from Cathy, Eric, and Christopher. It's quite the lovely ensemble, complete with a crown, a purse, a full-length skirt (note: there is a reason that toddlers don't wear full-length skirts for real--not only do they trip on the skirts, but it is also quite challenging to buckle carseats around all the material), a fancy off-the-shoulder top (Ben is talking about breaking out the barrel early), and plastic high heeled shoes. Due to the scandalous nature of the shirt, we do insist that Bryn wears regular clothes underneath her princess ensemble (which she likes to wear pretty much constantly); in return, Bryn insists that we allow her to sleep with her gorgeous princess shoes in her crib so she can start playing with them the minute she wakes up.

Here are the girls ready to, as Bryn puts it, "go nigh-nigh." We often lay Shay on Bryn's toddler bed (which she still doesn't use for anything other than play; she adores sleeping in her crib) so she can observe the proceedings as we get Bryn ready for bed. Bryn likes to crawl up next to Shay and cuddle, which makes for some pretty darn cute pictures. :)

And finally, proof that the guilty party always returns to the scene of the crime.... The other day, while Ben was watching the girls, Bryn took advantage of the few moments that Ben spent changing Shay's diaper by creating her own hot pink masterpiece all over our dishwasher and cabinets. As Ben said, she is a lucky, lucky little girl that her parents had the foresight to buy washable markers! And she does look regretful here, right? :) At any rate, the markers are now becoming a "basement only" toy!

Hope all of your New Years are going well!


Anonymous said...

What ADORABLE photos'... I LOVED getting to see your precious little girls....... have to admit, I did GASP , seeing the DRAWING ON THE WALL////// but sorry, to tell you, I did have to laugh!!!! Thankful for washable markers..... Maybe that's something I best tell Michelle about. Don't believe they had those 30 years ago???? Take care of your precious family. Wonder if Shay's dark hair will become BLONDE like Bryn's did/??? Hugs to all, Logan's grama

Kathy said...

oh my gosh...the marker! :) cute post!

Melissa said...

Shay looks great in the hat. And I love Bryn's expression as she admires her artwork. Maybe she'll be doing frescos someday. Move over, Michaelangelo.

Lil'B said...

:) my mother always attested to washable markers - and let's discuss the artwork both my siblings provided...

you all are adorable! BUT, we need a family shot soon enough, :) (like how i included everyone that i don't know here! :))