Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Life at Home

Shaylee is now 8 days old, and we're adjusting nicely to life at home. Here are some of the "cuteness highlights" from the past few days:

Bryn loves getting into Shay's crib with her, partially because she is obsessed with the baby, and partially because she likes to wind up her animal mobile and listen to the music and watch the animals go in a circle while shouting out their names. Here you can see Bryn engaging in one of her other favorite baby activities, which is giving Shaylee a pacifier whether she wants it or not.

Here's Big Sister Bryn with one of her countless baby dolls, which she very much enjoys carrying around these days. I was feeding Shay, so Bryn dragged in a chair from her room, pulled it up next to me, and cuddled her "baby." As you can tell by the photo, though, she eventually decided that it would be easier if I was just in charge of both babies!

Bryn likes to get in on the feeding action herself. She discovered two days ago how much fun it is to give her baby sister a bottle, and how she loves holding the bottle while the baby is on my lap or, better yet, holding the baby herself while giving her a bottle. The only problem with this is that she tends to lose interest rather suddenly, depositing the baby on the couch and running off to play with something else. It's cute while it lasts though!!

And here's a sign that Bryn may be regressing herself..... last night, she stole Shaylee's pacifier and bottle and crawled under her high chair to enjoy both simulatenously. Got to go; naptime's over!


Anonymous said...

i was thinking that it was time for an update and pictures!! :) sounds like things are going well... only a couple more weeks until you will be getting a phone call and i will get to meet shay!! :)

love you tons,

Kathy said...

Oh! I was hoping there were some more pictures! Glad to hear you guys are adjusting well...I enjoyed your cute pictures and stories!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new lil one! Too bad the Lola name didn't work out.. Oh well! =)

Best of my sane thoughts.. I am sending your way.

Enjoy your at home time!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for Bryn being such a good big sister to such an adorable baby Shay!!! Sounds like all is calm and hopefully you're getting some (a bit?) of rest.

Please send my love to Ben, Bryn, and baby!

Love you lots,