Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Baby and The Bean

As the days pass, Bryn continues to love her little sister. We're not certain that Bryn actually understands that the baby has a name; she always just refers to her as "Baby." First thing in the morning, whenever Bryn wakes up, she says questioningly, "Baby?" So as soon as we've changed her diaper, we go into the nursery and wake up Shaylee for her morning feeding and diaper change. On Friday, Shaylee happened to wake up before Bryn, so I took her into Bryn's room when she woke up, and Bryn got a big kick out of Baby coming to get her up.

Several times a day, Bryn will stop in the middle of playing and ask "Baby?" and then scurry off to locate her sister (who is nearly always napping). She is even very particular about where we let Shaylee nap; she always wants her to be in a chair nearby so she can see her. The only "issue" we've had is that seeing Shaylee with a pacifier seems to have reminded Bryn that she used to like those a lot; she actually went up to Shay and took a pacifier out of her mouth the other morning in order to pop it into her own. Lucky that we've got a few spares!

Shortly before Shay was born, Bryn also learned to say her own name--kind of. She referred to herself as "Bin," which is kind of funny, since she is fully capable of saying the "r" sound but just can't seem to get it in that word. Anyway, her pronounciation has recently morphed into something that sounds far more like "Bean." She uses it all the time when asking for things, such as "Bean juice?" It's awfully cute. So I have taken to calling her The Bean, which is probably horrible because it reinforces her mispronounciation, but it's just so darn cute when she says it!

On a separate note, here's a photo of last night's milestone experience of Shaylee's First Bath. Or I guess really second bath, since they do bathe the babies at the hospital right after they're born. Anyway, Ben bathed her in her little pink tub in the kitchen sink while I played paparazzi. She was none too happy about the bathing, although she didn't cry at all. She kind of just scowled at us, probably because the bath forced her to be awake and bottle-less for more than five minutes at a stretch. :)

Today was a big day, with "rehearsal" (all of 15 minutes) for the church Christmas pageant for Bryn, a photo shoot (including changes of outfits) for both girls with our friend Kathy (see her photography blog in the sidebar), and a visit from Nana and Papa Meyaard, who have just left for their return trip to Elkhart. It's all of 7:30 now, and we're pretty much wiped out from all the excitement. Okay--maybe it's just me that is wiped out. Recovering from childbirth takes a lot out of you! Ben is anxious to return to the basement to work on his new foam cutter project, Bryn is running around with a (hopefully clean) burp cloth on her head, and Shaylee is just waking up from her most recent nap, demanding a diaper change and a bottle. Hope you're all having good weekends too!


Anonymous said...

that picture is sooo cute! and that's so great that The Bean is embrassing sisterhood!! :)

love you,

Melissa said...

i love the updates; hope everything keeps going well.

i am so jealous that you are baby-sitting Ravage over the holidays!! if it turns out you need any help, i would be happy to take him for a while!

Libtastic said...

amy, now that i am on the east coast, we have got to be able to find a time to catch up - i'm determined... but of course, now is when you'll be winding up :)

can't wait to actually catch up - until then, enjoy baby, bean, and your boy over the holiday (I had to continue with alliteration, and ben just seemed toooo easy!) :)